Orthopaedic Surgeon Greg Finch

Australian orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Greg Finch is well-known for the excellence of his work. During his career, Dr. Finch has made countless lives better as a result of his expertise with spinal surgery. He performs disc replacement, spinal deformity and spinal stenosis surgeries, among other procedures.


Greg Finch has always been forward-looking. Although he is based in Australia, Finch holds membership in medical societies worldwide, including the North American Spine Society. Continuing education is a passion of Dr. Finch’s. After becoming an orthopaedic surgeon, he trained with the best specialists in the USA, the UK and Germany. He is always curious about what’s happening on the cutting edge of orthopaedic surgery. One example of this is his support for the trend toward minimally invasive spinal surgery.


Finch specializes in treating adults with spine deformities. He knows that a minimally invasive procedure will mean less trauma, blood loss, risk of complications and recovery time. Minimally invasive techniques also tend to be more cost-effective. This is particularly important in a country like Australia, with government-funded medicine. Finch knows that saving the patient time and the taxpayer money is a win-win. He is a strong advocate for evidence-based medicine and patient-centered care.


Spinal fusion surgeries are one area that have truly benefited from minimally invasive technology. This is a surgery that Dr. Finch performs. He is always open to new ideas, including the use of robotics and 3D-printed materials in the operating room. With his thirst for knowledge, it will be interesting to see how his career develops.