Eric Lefkofsky and His Company Tempus Join the War on Cancer

Much progress has been made in dealing with cancer, with one of the latest medical techniques using some of the most advanced technology. Tempus, the Chicago-based company established with the help by entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, is leading the way in the war on cancer with what is known as data-precision medical treatment.

One of the most important elements in treating cancer is learning how it develops in each person so afflicted, but understanding this issue will require a careful study of the patient’s personal records. This may involve the studying of records that are often in the form of scattered information or notes written by individual doctors. It was Tempus that developed software designed to recognize characters and thus decipher such information in an effective manner.

Another important advancement in cancer research involves the study of health anomalies at the smallest level, specifically in the cells and molecules that comprise the human body. Such studies are today possible through what is known as genome sequencing, or the examination of the genes that are the basis of living organisms. One previous drawback to such research had been its tremendous cost. However, the work of Tempus and other organizations have greatly reduced this expense to manageable levels. The principle of genome sequencing could eventually enable physicians to develop treatment strategies that are customized to individual patients, which can greatly increase the chance of a successful recovery. This philosophy could later be adopted to treat other ailments of health conditions.

Originally from Michigan, 48-year-old Eric Lefkofsky has spent much of his life in and around the Chicago area. A graduate of the University of Michigan, he earned his law degree from the institution in 1993. He is currently serving as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

Lefkofsky has been involved in the creation of several companies, including the e-commerce marketplace Groupon. Inadequacies in the availability of cancer data became a personal matter after his wife was diagnosed with the disease, which spurred the creation of Tempus. The benefits of the work being done by his company could extend to millions of others when considering that, at present rates, approximately 40 percent of American adults will eventually be diagnosed with some type of cancer.

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Dr. Cameron Clokie: Revolutionizing the Bone Reconstruction Surgery in Canada

Reconstructive surgery is a medical procedure that restores the body to its previous condition and structure after experiencing severe damages. In Canada, Dr. Cameron Clokie is making news because of his latest discovery about the procedure. He specializes in reconstructive surgery, and he has significant contributions in the field of the said medical procedure. Aside from working as a surgeon, Dr. Cameron Clokie is also working as a businessman and an entrepreneur. He serves as the present CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., a medical and technological company focusing on medical procedures such as skeletal reconstruction and regenerative medicine. Dr. Cameron Clokie stated that by working in the sector of reconstructive surgery and regenerative medicine, he could change the lives of thousands of people.

Dr. Cameron Clokie shared how grateful he is working for Induce Biologics Inc. The Canadian medical and technological company is based in the city of Toronto, Ontario, and they are revolutionizing the procedures vital to reconstructive surgery and regenerative medicine. Currently, the company is developing and testing bio-implants that can be used in the future for the regeneration of broken or damaged bones. Induce Biologics Inc. has already developed a prototype, called URIST, which is a bone implant that contains substances vital to bone regeneration called the bone morphogenetic protein. URIST would deliver the material into the bone, and over time, the bones would start to produce new bone cells that will reconstruct and regenerate the damaged ones. This technology developed by Induce Biologics Inc. is more cost-effective compared to other procedures that are available in the market today because they are only using small doses of bone morphogenetic protein. Other processes which use high doses of bone morphogenetic protein might also cause harmful side effects, and it has been proven through research and studies.

Dr. Cameron Clokie encourages people who have suffered severe bone damages in the past to visit his clinic for assessment. He would like to check them and see how their bones transformed, and then he would also use the latest technology from his company to treat them and restore them to their previous conditions. There are already a handful of people from Canada who seek the treatment procedure developed by Dr. Cameron Clokie, and they are satisfied with the results.