Daniel Taub Shares Insight with The Jewish Chronicle

Michael Freedland from The Jewish Chronicle (JC) interviewed with former Ambassador Daniel Taub in a Farewell Interview. Taub was born in 1996 in Britain, where he had the pleasure of meeting Queen Elizabeth before returning to Israel.

Taub had brought along his credentials from the Government of Jerusalem that he was declared the new Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Court of St James’s in 2011. His belief and practice as an Orthodox Jew was stated both on paper and through his attire as he met Her Majesty.

The Queen asked Taub how it felt to give up his British citizenship in order to represent a country in which he immigrated from 30 years prior. He stated to JC that he not only felt honored to be able to raise his children where his family roots lie, but also had the ability to bring two countries together as an ambassador.

Daniel Taub believes he has successfully brought Britain and Jerusalem together within the past four years. The Jewish Community within Britain held a farewell reception for the Ambassador in which guests agreed and praised his success. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Throughout the country’s crises, Taub had brought Israel’s case to the attention of the government as well as spoke with media outlets. The JC goes as far as saying that the relationship between the United Kingdom and Israel is on its best terms to date. The former Ambassador explains that through Israel’s perspective, Britain and its social media influence plays a critical role.

Taub had toured embassies across London in which he asked each embassy, “How do you manage to put aside your own views from those of the government you represent?”

While receiving different answers and opinions, this question leads to a discussion and respectful tone to each visit as they discuss more serious issues between varying countries holding different beliefs.

The JC continues to cover the important topic with Iran, America, Egypt, etc with Taub. Nearing the end of the interview Taub shares that though the responsibilities of an Ambassador are demanding, he knew that the responsibilities had a set end date. As an Orthodox Jew living in London, he has not faced any problems or offensive encounters within the community.