Greg Secker Goes Teaches Financial Freedom with Learn to Trade

Greg Secker was recently interviewed by Lynn Fosse for CEOCFO Magazine. The interview describes how the Learn to Trade creator went from food and agricultural science to finances.

Greg Secker began his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services after attending a job fair. He was able to gain a position as a creator of the Virtual Trading Desk, one of the early programs which allowed trading online. He was able to gain the position because of his extracurricular activities during school. Despite his curriculum in the food and agricultural sciences, Secker learned how to code and build computers while he was studying. Thomas Cook Financial Services saw the potential in the code and Secker was able to translate the strategies of the traders into code that the computer could apply.

His early work on Virtual Trading Desk encouraged his curiosity in FOREX. After borrowing $5,000 he was able to receive substaintial gains in the amount of $60,000 in under a year. He believes he was able to do so because he was able to learn and understand the strategies of traders with precision. He was able to do this particularly because coding required such precise measurements that he needed an in-depth knowledge of trading.

He turned to Learn to Trade and seminars after he retired in 2003. He became bored and went to various seminars led by self-help leaders like Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, and Dr. John Demartini. He wanted to provide people with the same inspiration but also provide them with tools to create financial freedom through trading.

Greg Secker is an English trader from Norfolk. He studied at the University of Nottingham where he studied Agricultural and Food Sciences. He began his career as a trading technologist, developing foreign exchange trading systems for Thomas Cook Financial Services. He has received multiple awards like the British telecom Award in 1998. He became the Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation when he was only twenty-five.

After becoming a multi-millionaire by his twenties, Greg Secker decided to help others learn the power of financial freedom through trading. He founded the Knoweldge to Action Group to teach people trading strategies. The company has a variety of products like SmartCharts Software, Learn to Trade and Capital Index.