Tim Duncan, Talos Energy Chief Executive Powers Through Adversity

Tim Duncan, Chief Executive of Talos Energy has been the process of putting together the right plan to assemble the necessary elements to complete the 2.5 billion merger of his privately held company (Stone Energy) both bankrupt and publicly traded. The risk is high, however the offset is that there’s no need for a public offering and it would make Talos Energy a public entity. In addition, while performing the process of putting together the deal Mr. Duncan was right in the middle of Hurricane Harvey, riding in a rescue boat with his family. Tim Duncan decide to not use his current situation as an excuse to stop looking for the necessary means to figure out a way to complete the merger deal. In May, Mr. Duncan the merger and now he presides over an oil company that has $700 million in debt against $2.3 billion in assets primarily in the Gulf of Mexico. However, to get access to the potential assets it will cost large amounts of money (millions) paired with the possible spills which will demand substantial fines to rectify.

Talos Energy currently produces 48K barrels per day and they plan to produce much more. It is Talos Energy hope to increase production by employing hydraulic fracturing (a new technology) to extract oil from old reservoirs. The main concern that Talos Energy has, is that the ways they can obtain oil has many road blocks. If Talos Energy goes the fracturing method, then they have to deal with the unpredictable, political environment and the US population. On the other hand, if Talos Energy tries to extract the oil from the Gulf Of Mexico, then there’s the potential for the high cost and possible oil spills. Regardless of the method used to obtain the oil, Tim Duncan is very eager to make things work. Even during the hurricane, Mr. Duncan held critical negotiations with Mackay Shields and Franklin Templeton Investments about restructuring in excess of $800 million of combined debt. In addition, Apollo Management and money managers Riverstone, Talos’ equity principal owners were part of the negotiations.

Tim Duncan has a keen ability to capitalize on problematic situations and as a result of Hurricane Harvey, his resilient abilities continue to grow stronger. Mr. Duncan is now about to capitalize on a jewel asset (Pompano Platform) for implementation for several new suitable prospects for new drilling and ease bondholders with his hedging abilities in the form of selling over 80% of 2018 output (future trades at $55 per barrel).


Talos Energy; An American success story

The exploration and acquisition of fossil fuel is without a doubt the very engine that drives the continued evolution of mankind. And despite all of the opposition to oil production and the use of it around the world, there have been tremendous advances in the business of energy and the exploration thereof. Talos Energy has made great strides in energy production and they continue to forge ahead into the future leading the way with confidence and great people.

The energy industry has grown exponentially over the years and seems to have the ability to operate above and beyond all of the highly public cries of concern related to the use of fossil fuel. The demand for energy is huge and to not meet that demand would be a disservice to society and the world.

Talos Energy is a young company but the people who have formed it are strong and dedicated, plus, the combined experience they have in oil and energy production spans the entire spectrum of the process and is second to none. These absolute professioals have positioned themselves perfectly in a great area that promises a wealth of natural energy that can provide the needs of a fast growing society for years to come; perhaps generations to come.

Recent acquisitions have been a benefit to Talos Energy and to the great people who have come with the the mergers of other great companies. This is illustrative of natural business growth which is entirely positive for every person involved. The combined experience of people who are skilled more so than everyonealive is key to advancing the processes and practices of a successful business. Particularly so in energy production and exploration.

There is a rich history of oil production in Texas and the future promises to make the great Lone Star State and the Gulf of Mexico region the world leader in energy production. Only the finest professional people with the best skills and most experience can lead the way in oil and energy; Talos Energy has them. New and young talent naturally seeks out the best and again; Talos Energy is attracting them.

There is no trick to becoming the primer offshore energy exploration and production team in the world, and there is only one way to do it; absolute dedication and hard work; That is a fact.


Entrepreneur Jason Hope, Funds the Hope of Anti-Aging Bio-Technologies

Jason Hope was raised like a lion in the arid deserts of Tempe, Arizona. He worked hard to earn his way to the top after obtaining his MBA and Bachelor’s finance degrees from Arizona State University. Jason Hope is the famed philanthropist and entrepreneur of Arizona who is leading many humanitarian efforts. As a pioneer, he created his own education grant program to help disadvantaged youth obtain quality education.

There is no one solution for the hurdles in affording education and obtaining proper lifestyle guidance and support. Therefore, Jason Hope has invested in the future of Arizona’s youth with charitable donations to: the Phoenix Chapters of the Boys and Girls Clubs and Teach for America programs, and the novel educational programs developed by the Tony Hawk and Andre Agassi foundations.

Medical science is another primary interest of Jason Hope’s philanthropic ventures. He has donated to the Arizona Science Center and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter. However, his greatest hope is in the work of the SENS Foundation. Jason recently pledged $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. Jason hopes SENS research will soon break all of the current barriers in age-related medical treatment.

SENS research has helped scientists understand what actually causes aging at the molecular level. Overtime, cells start to become senile and even toxic. At a certain point, a threshold of inactive cells accumulatively cause the aging process. If there was a way to possibly switch the genes of these defective cells on for a nanosecond to split, it may be possible to rejuvenate them. What happens is that the telomeres at the ends of our Chromosomes lose a little bit of extra material every time the cells split during mitosis. If allowed to split infinitely, then the chromosomes are eventually not copied correctly, leading to cancerous cells. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

The research and studies are fascinating. They look profoundly into what actually causes aging. They have found that it is the divisions of cellular material, not time, that account for a person’s true age. The biological clock is constructed in such a manner that older mother’s may live longer to retain the caretaker role. There is also data that suggests that being lean and eating less generally extends the lifespan. Another part of the research deals with glycation of the cardiovascular system, and what drugs may be able to solve this critical aging problem that is sped up substantially by diabetes.


The Products PSI-Pay Has to Offer

PSI-Pay, the latest in a banking alternative, has rolled out numerous virtual and physical products that are taking the digital market by storm. This payment service is doing things differently, but some of the products are what many would consider traditional in the world of finance. PSI-Pay is also licensed by Mastercard to offer many of their products including prepaid and debit cards, credit cards, a contactless payment ring and more. Within these products are the travel cards, business cards and even payroll services. There is a lot being offered by PSI-Pay now, and there are more products set to be developed and released in the near future.

What makes these products different if they are being launched by PSI-Pay? The products can be utilized by the company’s partners in whatever fashion the partners need to use them. Whether partners want to offer cashback bonuses, or they offer something in exchange for the purchasing of their own products, these offerings are unique in that they are ideal for the business partners of PSI-Pay.

The goal of PSI-Pay was to remain as a banking alternative, rather than trying to beat the competition. The way that PSI-Pay works, makes it one of the best alternatives available today for those who understand how challenging traditional banking can be. Those who want to be part of a full sponsorship partnership can be non-financial partners. This means that travel benefits, spa benefits, and other benefits are a part of what PSI-Pay is offering to its audience. They can run their very own prepaid card or debit card program, kind of like a private label company if they choose.

Those who choose to be part of the regulation partnership program will also find that working with PSI-Pay on financial products is beneficial for their business. Even if their partners are not Mastercard members they can still be a part of the program. All they need in order to work with PSI-Pay is to obtain the proper authorization rights within the European Union. Holding consumer balances is ideal for any financial institution, but they are especially ideal in this case.

PSI-Pay is a part of the revolutionary changes in banking. The goal was to make the deposit and withdraw of funds easier and faster than any other option, with fewer fees. The company has been in business since 2007, and is offering services around the globe.

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A private corporation sank the first offshore well in over half a century. Talos oil the company mandated to do the job is the first ever private company to be given the job. This is the newest step in the government drive to allow foreign investors back into their energy industry. The drilling is a partnership between three private companies the Talos Energy LLC from Houston , Premier Oil Plc. from London, and Sierra Oil Company from Mexico. In his statement, the Premier said that the drilling had started on 21 May. The Premier also added that it was the first exploration to be launched by a private company since the monopolization by the state owned company the Petroleos Mexicans in 1938.

The drilling is set to cost a total of $16 million, and it will take a total of ninety days for it to complete. The said well (Zama-1) is situated in the state of Tabasco in the Sureste Basin. It is estimated to hold a total of 100million to 500million barrels of oil. After Mexico Opted to the opening of its industry to the private company, the three companies won the rights to undertake the operation.

A London based analyst, Elaine Reynolds said that it is the first non-Pemex well to be drill it will be watched closely by the government Oil industries. She added that because of the geological location of the site the chance of drilling success is high. Charlie Sharp, another analyst from Canaccord Genuity Ltd, added that Zama is one of the interesting wells to be drilled because of the implication it will have on the Mexican market.

About Talos Energy LLC

Talos is a private company which is situated in Houston. Its main objective is in the exploration and acquisition of oil properties in the Gulf of Mexico. Its money comes mainly from Apollo Global Management, LLC, and the Riverstone Holdings LLC.Its staff’s members have a lot of experience in this industry has spent most of their career on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. The company uses modern technologies and has expert employees who work efficiently thus making the company successful in the drilling processes.

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