Jonathan Dos Santos’ Sponsorship with Herbalife

In the article titled Herbalife Nutrition Signs LA Galaxy’s Jonathan Dos Santos to a Multi-Year Sports Nutrition Sponsorship, it is announced that the international nutrition company, Herbalife, will enter a sponsorship and partnership agreement with renowned soccer player, Jonathan Dos Santos. Dos Santos is a midfielder for the LA Galaxy, as well as a member of the Mexican national team.

To give some background on Herbalife, it is a thriving nutrition company that has been in existence since 1980 with a saturation in 190 countries. The products consist of supplements and shakes that people consume to not only lose weight, but to do it naturally and healthfully. The products are healthy, where each shake equates the nutritional requirement of one meal. People slim down without sacrificing the nutritional value the body needs.

In addition to promoting physical health, Herbalife is believes in promoting financial health. The international nutrition empire provides business opportunities for people that want to earn extra income or venture into the world of entrepreneurship and franchise on a full-time basis. This is ideal for people who are already consumers of the brand. They promote products and a lifestyle that they already believe in, so they can speak to Herbalife from the heart.

As an athlete, Dos Santos is a strong believer in fitness and nutrition. He is an avid user of Herbalife, making him an ideal spokesperson for the brand. The article goes into some of the products that he consumes, including the Herbalife Rebuild Strength system. He consumes it in the morning to start his day off right and also after practice, to replenish his body with both nutrition and hydration. The article also highlights Dos Santos’ very own concoction he makes with Herbalife products called Banana Sunrise. Herbalife shakes do not have to be consumed with only the shake mix and a liquid. The shake mix can pose as a base for a nutritious drink, or as an addition to a hearty shake. The key is that the consumer can utilize the products however they see fit for the lifestyle they choose.

The article ends with a quick declaration of sponsorship Herbalife has with over 190 athletes, events and sports teams on a worldwide basis. It also briefly speaks of the 8,000 employees Herbalife has, and the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and Casa Herbalife, giving quality nutritional access to children in need.