Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) – the USHealth Group

USHealth Group has a very appealing mission: Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE). This statement describes the staff, contracted agents and management at the company. The company takes pride in the fact that HOPE is something practiced on a daily basis. Further, this is a comittment in the lives of others to make a positive difference.


USHealth Group offers clients reliability and affordability. They offer insurance for everyday medical costs as well as more difficult medical events. The company has been helping people for more than 50 collective years and have served more than 15 million customers under the leadership of CEO Troy McQuagge.


One of the outstanding features offered by USHealth is the fact that the customer decides the amount of insurance coverage they need. This allows you to buy more insurance if or when you need it and you will not need to go through additional underwriting. You will also be able to buy a Short Term Medical Surgical Expense Plan. You can do this without any further underwriting when you purchase the Optional Guaranteed Short Term Insurability Rider. This can save you $1,000’s of dollars as you are not forced to pay for the coverage before it is actually needed. The company offers many insurance plans which allow you to lock in your rates for up to 15 months. Most of these plans are available without any additional underwriting. The fast, efficient service of USHealth Group allows for an average claim to be processed in less than 10 days.


USHealth Group has been recognized for some of the most important business awards year after year. These awards provide a simple truth: excellence in business doesn’t just happen…it has to be earned. Some of these awards, during the last few years, include the Bronze Stevie Winner, 2012; the Silver Stevie Award, for sales and customer service, 2012; the Bronze Stevie Winner, from American Business Awards, 2013; The Bronze Stevie Winner from the American Business Awards, 2014; and the Bronze Stevie Winner for sales and customer service in 2015. The company is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


If you select your insurance from USHealth Group you have the opportunity to choose your own dedicated agent. It is obvious that health coverage is very personal and the agents will make this a personal experience created for you.

Troy McQuagge: Steering USHEALTH Group Towards Innovative Success

One Planet Awards is one of the most prestigious industry awards globally honoring companies and individuals who have excelled as corporate leaders across various industries. Therefore, winning the CEO of the Year Award is a fete that many corporate leaders covet. In recognition of his excellent track record as the president and chief executive officer at USHEALTH Group, Troy A. McQuagge was honored by the One Planet Awards with the coveted award in 2016. The award was in recognition of Mr. McQuagge’s excellent innovative ideas that he has initiated at the company since taking over the leadership reigns in 2014. Beating off hundreds of submissions from around the globe, Mr. McQuagge’s envied fete marked a remarkable turnaround for his relatively short stint at the company he only joined in 2010. His tenure has been marked by significant improvements in the company’s profitability and operational efficiency. He has also overseen the company’s efforts towards reforming its service delivery and directing it towards a more customer-centric model.


Redirecting the Trajectory of USHEALTH Groups Success


Troy A. McQuagge has vast experience in corporate management with an excellent record not only at USHEALTH Group but also his previous employers. Following his appointment as the chief executive officer and president of USHEALTH Advisors in 2010, Mr. McQuagge immediately embarked on a successful mission of restructuring and rebuilding the USHEALTH Group’s subsidiary. Within four short years, his success at the subsidiary led to his promotion to serve in the same roles at USHEALTH Group in 2014. Following his appointment, USHEALTH Group has undergone a remarkable operational and financial transformation. The company’s share value has increased by an incredible 1,093 percent. The company’s value has also increased ten times while the sales volumes and profit margins are at an all time high. Troy A. McQuagge also doubles up as a member of the company’s board of directors, which gives greater insight on the company’s operations and a leeway to influence its operations towards the right direction.


Education Background and Awards

Troy A. McQuagge has won multiple awards for his excellent leadership at USHELATH Group. During the 2016 CEO World Awards, he scooped the coveted Most Innovative CEO of the Year Award. He was the Gold Winner under the Insurance category. This added to the long list of Stevie Awards he has won since 2007, Golden Bridge Awards, People’s Choice Award and World CEO Awards. He has also guided USHEALTH Group to several awards including several CEO World Awards and Stevie Awards. Mr. McQuagge holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Central Florida where he specialized in Legal Studies.

Endless Disease Prevention in Life Line Screening

Dedicated to providing people with health knowledge, Life Line Screening has helped them lead healthier and fuller lives. It has been made possible by offering affordable and reliable preventive screening. There work mainly focuses on partnering with doctors to help detect health problems early to improve the quality of life.

Besides, Life Line Screening provides community-based screening events, staffed by highly trained licensed health care experts. The screenings take pace all over the contiguous United States in community centers, senior centers, places of worship and corporations. Some of the specialties offered are; health screening, heart disease screening, carotid artery screening, abdominal aortic aneurysm screening among many others.

The ultrasound and EKG screening that they offer are affordable, comfortable and convenient. The highly trained experts use state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment for accurate results. Also, the procedure requires little or no preparation at all.

Life Line screening is no doubt the nation’s largest Screening company for associated vascular diseases in the U.S. They have screened over 8 million people, and their database has provided the basis for a score of peer-reviewed journal articles.

The Chief Medical Officer supervises a panel of a board of certified physicians who are mandated to review ultrasound equipment. CMO is also in charge of research, quality assurance and overviews the marketing for clinical correctness. Besides, he chairs a Scientific Advisory Network which consists of prominent clinical specialists and academicians around the globe.

The screening process is up to date. Dr. Mangaro of Life Line Screening says that they always try to continually offer clients with both new tests and new ways to look at preventive health. There would be a new package that for the potential sequelae of adult onset diabetes. They had also added a set of screening for patients concerned about their respiratory status.

As mentioned, their massive database provides the basis for numerous publications in the scientific literature. Because of this, they have collaborated with the University of California at San Francisco, New York University School of Medicine and Oxford University in the United Kingdom among many others. Life Line Screening has indeed provided an endless possibility for the awareness, prevention of disease and contribution to the scientific literature.