How Avaaz Supports Global Campaigns for Good

Avaaz is a nonprofit organization which aims to combine peoples voices into making the world a better place. They don’t focus on any one area like almost all other nonprofits do but instead organize around many issues. This can be addressing climate change or improving human rights in some country around the globe. On their website they often have petitions up about animal rights, poverty, corruption, and other issues as well.

This nonprofit was launched in 2007 in New York, New York. It is global in nature and has volunteers and supporters around the globe. They support 17 languages in the Avaaz community due to being global in nature. They support petitions in various ways. This can include people signing them online. This organization also funds media campaigns and provides money for other forms of direct action. They also give their supporters the information they need to contact their elected officials such as email addresses and phone numbers.

One of their most recent campaigns was about saving bees in Europe. The bee population has been in serious decline around the world in recent years. As a result of a petition organized on Avaaz’s website the European Union recently banned all pesticides that kill bees. They said that this was a major victory in saving bee populations and will lead to more sustainable ways to grow food. They are now fighting to introduce similar laws in the United States, Canada, as well as the rest of the world.

At Avaaz they have also addressed the violence in the Middle East, especially as it has escalated recently with Israeli troops firing live ammunition at Palestinian protestors. The Palestinians are protesting the United States moving its embassy to Jerusalem. So far Israeli soldiers have killed 60 unarmed protestors who were on their own side of the fence from Israel. Avaaz says that sanctions worked again South Africa and how they treated black citizens. They believe the same types of sanctions on Israel can result in the Palestinian people achieving full and equal civil rights in that part of the world.