The Meaning of Beneful

In our world, filled with information, where consumers constantly receive signals, the ability to quickly derive and understand meaning can set products apart. When creating Beneful is a great example of this strategy, using a word that carries its own unique meaning, but sends very specific signals. When shoppers look at Beneful dog food, they can immediately recognize that it is something good. Why is this, and how does it work?

Beneful’s creators say the word means “full of goodness.” It is derived from the word beneficial. However, it evokes multiple other words. The connection to beneficial is obvious, but at first glance, the word also looks like “wonderful.” This relationship to two separate words while actually being neither is a master-class in marketing. Beneful is established brand that sets it apart. You know quickly that it is good, but it is unique enough that it erases any possible confusion. This establishes the pet food as unique and identifiable.

And it should be. Beneful is a great product that uses a grain-free formula to make sure that what your pet eats is “full of goodness.” It leads major pet food manufacturers, both in its excellent branding, but also in its commitment to quality and choice ingredients.

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