Peer-to-peer lending groups that loan out money to individuals have been around for years. Many of these companies loan smaller amounts between $10,000 to $50,000. Some of these lending platforms have been declining in the past few years. One such company that stands out of the crowd aside from these platform lenders is GreenSky Credit. Below, we will discuss what GreenSky Credit is and we will also shine the light on their innovative CEO, David Zalik.

GreenSky LLC, a financial technology company founded in 2006 and based in the Atlanta area, is a $3.6 billion dollar company. GreenSky Credit does not lend funds directly acquired from it’s own capital like traditional lending platforms or financial institutions. Instead, they are financed by larger retailers such as home improvement, medical or furniture stores. Essentially, they offer their clients favorable rates and terms for niche loans and act as the intermediary between the retailers and the borrowers. They are not considered a lender by nature but a financial technology company. The success of the company can mostly be attributed to their current CEO and co-founder, David Zalik.

David Zalik was born in Israel and moved to the U.S. when he was 4. His family moved to Alabama where his dad was a math teacher at Auburn University. David became somewhat of a math whiz and was taking college courses while in middle school. His high school years were spent at Auburn University. He eventually dropped out and started his own computer parts company called MicroTech and later sold the company at the age of 22 for millions. Eventually he moved to Atlanta, dabbled in successful real estate and technology ventures, and eventually started GreenSky. It is there that he was able to combine all of his past experiences to make GreenSky the success that it is today.

Today, GreenSky continues to grow and be a model for other companies. Recently, they announced a potential expansion of their business with a projected $100 million IPO. The time has come to finally embrace the model laid out by David Zalik and his GreenSky Credit team.