Marc Sparks Shows a Tremendous Range of Skills for Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks knows how to channel and harness innovation, which leads to success as demonstrated by his career as a serial entrepreneur who’s reached the top of the game. He is the owner and manager of private equity firm Timber Creek Capital and they are specialists when it comes to incubating fresh ideas with startup companies. They provide a wealth of resources that encompasses literally anything a business may need to get started. Timber Creek provides the expertise of Sparks himself and his vast range of experience which is the most important resource.

Sparks recently orchestrated the relocation of Timber Creek to a new office building which is more conducive to startups. He places a great emphasis on collaboration and creativity and the new office is designed with this in mind. He also believes that surroundings can make a big difference and he gives a unique illustration to buttress his claims. He compares an office in a modest, nondescript part of town with an office on New York’s Fifth Avenue and asks the probing question of where one would be most inspired? It is a convincing argument and illustrates his passion for success and entrepreneurs.

If the idea or concept is convincing to Sparks he will bring the nascent company on board where they provide extensive resources and a long incubation period so that success is a greater probability. A specialized business plan is developed utilizing the full range of his expertise which was developed after starting dozens of viable businesses. He also helps them cultivate a business culture as well as short and long-range goals that inspire and motivate.

Another important quality that Marc Sparks possesses is what he calls an Outrageous Sense of Urgency. The energy and drive that he displays when pursuing a new vision is infectious and helps budding entrepreneurs understand the necessities that bring the realization of goals and progress in the ultra-competitive world of business.

A willingness to take risks has served Sparks very well and is a key for those aspiring to more than a run-of-the-mill job. He has detailed that he has no fear of losing it all. This allows him to regularly take calculated risks and his record shows that there have been more hits than misses. He goes into each project knowing that he can’t win every time, but he still puts forth a maximum effort.

The definition of being rich for Marc Sparks may surprise some people as money isn’t at the top of the list. Having good health, family and friends is something he cherishes more than financial success. Starting a business from scratch is a passion for Sparks and something he will probably never stop doing so long as he is able. Learn more: