A Brief Look into Retirement Planning with David Giertz

Social security is no longer a new concept to the majority consumers and many advisors are taking up the topic in each consultation with their clients. Social security is a broad topic where according to David Giertz, it has 2700 laws. According to a study conducted by a survey of consumers, four out five clients value advisors who talk about this topic. It’s important for every financial consultant to take up this subject since it’s becoming every customer’s need to learn about their retirement planning. It’s also important for every client to optimize their retirement income. Clients at times make mistakes of starting to think of social security when they are already 62 years. While there are health problems that may prevent full enjoyment of the retirement period, social security remains to be an important aspect of retirement planning.

David Giertz has been instrumental in giving various financial advice especially on social security. Before joining Nationwide Investment, Giertz worked at Citicorp Investment Services for nine years. He also worked at Financial Horizons Securities Corporation and other corporations which all helped shape his experience in the financial advisory field. He is registered as a broker-dealer with FINRA which means that he is involved buying as well selling of securities such as bonds. He has also been certified after successfully passing four tests namely Municipal Securities Principal, General Securities Representative Examination, General Securities Principal Examination as well as State Security Law examination. The tests have helped sharpen his skills in the field as well as gain more of client confidence in what he does. It’s no doubt that his role in giving financial advisory services is crucial especially on matters pertaining future planning.