Andrew Rocklage is a young businessman with a great intent or aim of always trying to create employment opportunities to his fellow citizens. He is bold, understanding and interactive. Andrew is one of the graduates of highly ranked Suffolk University School of Law as well as the Isenberg School of Management.

From his schooling days to when he started his own business firm, Andrew Rocklage has always been practical of what he learnt from school, as it is defined by the various institutions he joined as an intern. In his internship he worked as a public relations personnel, legal consultant personnel, legal clerk personnel and corporate counsel personnel.

As an entrepreneur, Andrew has a broader knowledge of business environment of his hometown of Boston. Above all Andrew understands well the significance of customer’s contributions towards growth and success of a business enterprise. Customers of Sky Zone Trampoline Park have always been enthusiastic about the friendly service and helpfulness of the park.

Offering ample and reliable customer services has enabled his business succeed. He is also being liked for his will to screen and employ highly skilled persons to cater for customer’s services in a welcoming and simple manner at his Sky Zone Trampoline Park. The will to offer employment as well as commendable customer services has elevated his reputation in the highly competitive business field and thus the unexpected rising business success. These success has brought him popularity and many view the enterprise even growing so high, even above its current level.

Andrew Rocklage has had the bravery to face the ever rising business challenges and moreover his career choices since graduating from business school and school of law makes him to be tipped as success in his profession.

Andrew has a strong love for his hometown of Boston but his hobbies may drive him to opening new business enterprises elsewhere. His liking in traveling and touring places as always given him the opportunity to mingle freely with new people and make new friends. Andrew Rocklage’s interactive personality is a catalyst to the success even in his new surroundings.

Andrew’s activeness in business, together with the vast experience in working as corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals has made him even more popular. He has worked for long in the field of technology which has made him known as inventive of new approaches to business. Andrew Rocklage has the capability of substituting legal knowledge with business strategy.

These abilities have made him a force to be looked up to in entrepreneurial settings. The other growing entrepreneurs view him as a great asset to be reckoned to all the time, for their businesses too to grow higher and faster in these competitive business environments.

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