Robert Diegman’s involvement in the technology industry

How Robert Diegnan’s Involvement In Technology Industry Readied Him For Success At ATS

Recently, Robert Diegnan’s brainchild company, ATS Digital Services became the first customer care company to receive the certification by AppSystem. This proves to the world that ATS system doesn’t just make their lives easier. It also affirms Robert’s statements that the app is safe for use. The certification marks the peak of Robert’s involvement in the technology industry. By this certification, Robert’s role in transforming lives through technology seems to have peaked. It has however been a long way coming and it would be interesting to learn how his previous engagements prepared the Advanced Tech Support (ATS) CEO and Co-founder to this success.

Robert’s interest in technology and entrepreneurship spiked during his college days and he set up his mind on working in this sector. The fact that he was pursuing an unrelated course, Degree in Business Administration at the time didn’t deter him from facing the industry head-on after his graduation from Purdue University in 1995. He had already witnessed the effectiveness of technology in making certain aspects of life easier and was dedicated to using this technology to further making more aspects of life even easier.

Three years into his career, Robert launched his first entrepreneurial project, Fanlink. While this startup was more of a trial business project, it introduced Robert to a new area of life that he has pursued ever since, Customer care. Fanlink turned Robert Diegnan’s attention to customer care and his interest in making providing a digital solution to common challenges experienced by the customer care departments. To a large extent, Fanlink laid the groundwork for Robert’s career in technology.

Gathering more experience in the field

In an attempt to gather more experience in technology while consolidating his knowledge of the subject, Robert Diegman settled for a position as the executive vice president of iS3 Inc. The company specialized in software development and was primarily inclined to solving the problem with digital security, computer support, and personalized but technical online support. The position and the knowledge gained here would, later on, serve as stepping stones to founding ATS digital systems.

Co-founding ATS systems

In 2011, Robert left employment to start ATS digital systems that specialize in customer care services. The business administration graduate would encompass integrate the different skills in security and technical support gained during years of employment to come up with easy to use, effective, and highly secure system. These services allow his company to offer customer services through text, over the phone, and even through remote access screens for technical support.

Jason Hope Wants People to be Healthy

Humanity has come a long way since the caveman days. Scientifically, humans in those days were a lot healthier, but they lived in horrible conditions. As humanity upgraded its living conditions, it embraced some horrible health habits. Now, every corner of society is riddled with health problems and diseases.

There are thousands of medical institutions and organizations trying to provide treatments and cures for many of these conditions and diseases. Of those thousands, very few are trying to tackle the biggest health problem humanity’s faced since the beginning–aging.

Not every health problem comes from people getting older, but old people suffer from far more health problems than anyone else. With age comes arthritis, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure; and that’s assuming the person was healthy during their youth. Of course, there’s also the outer appearance that most people don’t want to deal with; wrinkly, hard skin; possible baldness; and droopy body parts.

If taking all of that into consideration, the only way to prevent these problems is to slow and stop aging altogether. Fortunately, there are some organizations out there looking into stopping the effects of aging. Most of them are doing it out of vanity or profit, but there are a few that aren’t.
One of the organizations trying to stop aging is the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation wants to help humanity improves its quality of life. They’re not researching the effects of getting old so that they can stay looking supermodels all their life.

Their research attracted Jason Hope in 2010. Jason Hope is an Arizona-native, businessman, entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist. He loves nothing more than when two or more of his interests combine and over him an exciting look into the future. When he heard about what SENS believed in, he donated $500,000 to the organization.

Now, Jason Hope gives more when the organization needs it, but he’s also interested in other things. He’s just interested in SENS because of Aubrey de Grey, co-founder of SENS. Aubrey’s dedication and belief that human life can be extended inspired Jason to think outside the box.

No one’s really approached healthcare from the point of solving every health problem at once. Everyone else is looking for one or two cures at a time.

About Jason Hope:

Malcolm Casselle and The Outstanding Contribution He Offers For Virtual Assets Traders

By and large, bitcoin’s tremendous growth, popularity, sensationalism, and importance is unmatched and even unforeseen. Who would have foreseen the great success of something that only a few can understand? Bitcoin is an obscure topic for general readers, and the fact that it’s right now ultra profitable and revolutionary makes everyone who’s still not part of it wants to join the bandwagon. Fortunately for Malcolm CasSelle and his bitcoin-heavy company WAX, he’s already part of the game.

The Virtual Assets Growth

Most of the people today already know about Malcolm CasSelle as the man behind OPSkins, the number one Bitcoin trader today that specializes in gaming skins for online consumers. The Bitcoin tech in OPSkins has been instrumental in giving people the access to various micropayment programs, cross-border transactions and other online commerce collaterals that previously had only been reserved to those tech-heavy people. Malcolm is successful in that he’s able to make it available to a mass-market audience of gamers in various parts of the world. But his passion doesn’t stop there.

Two of the biggest problems in the bitcoin commerce in OPSkins are fraud and fragmentation. The creation of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) basically answers these two problems and creates a P2P marketplace for consumers that are more secure, more reliable and less prone to glitches. Truly, WAX is such an added value to the online gamers today.

About Malcolm CasSelle, the President of WAX

Malcolm CasSelle is the entrepreneur behind many tech initiatives today, and his work for WAX is one of the most outstanding among the list. His training at tronc, Inc. may have been instrumental in his success at WAX, but it could also be his constant passion for creating valuable consumer-centric products that make him ace the game. His other ventures include investments in Facebook, Zynga, Mediapass and Xfire. These ventures would not have been possible if it weren’t for his keen attention to consumer markets, what makes people tick and what gets people to shell out money in exchange for entertainment and other assets.

Mr. Casselle got his Bachelor’s degree in MIT, while his masters are from Stanford University, majoring in Computer Science.

Vijay Eswaran: Helping People Find Prosperity Where Others See Lack

Success begins in the mind and is made manifest through a clear vision, a good plan and consistent, concerted effort. That is part of the business and personal philosophy of the fabulously successful network marketing company, the QI Group, co-founder and chairman Vijay Eswaran. Born and raised in austere circumstances in Penang, Malaysia, Eswaran has been able to seemingly draw power from the ether and make his dreams a reality. Rising up from his humble beginnings, Vijay Eswaran now runs a company which brings in over $800 million annually and he is considered one of the richest men in Asia.

Eswaran’s ability to generate that level of wealth is baffling to many people. But Eswaran explains that it is based on a simple principle that is as old as mankind himself. The secret is being able to see your success in your mind’s eye, embrace it as reality and work consistently to bring it into manifestation. Some people call it creative visualization, but the key to making that vision a reality is working consistently to make that burning desire to succeed take shape. Many people have heard Vijay Eswaran’s message and have been able to focus their thoughts and their energies and attain success themselves.

That is the principle Vijay Eswaran used in 1998 when he co-founded the QI Group. While many grumbled and were fearful because of Asia’s dire economic conditions, Eswaran and his team focused on the success of their mission. They could see millions of people buying, using and enjoying their products. They believed in the plan Vijay Eswaran had created and were committed to putting in the work necessary to make their shared vision of the QI Group’s success a reality. Working together and sharing their successes along the way, the QI Group was able to find prosperity where others saw lack.

Vijay Eswaran outlines the process for creating a clear vision of success, using fear as a motivating factor and making your dreams a reality in his books, articles and speeches. Countless people who have embraced Eswaran’s message have been empowered and become wildly successful.

Admirable Character of Todd Lubar That Makes Him Successful

Todd Lubar is the vice president of Legendary Investment and the president of TDL Global Ventures, LL. As a businessman and an entrepreneur who has worked in the real industry for more than twenty years, Lubar has assisted other people to achieve their dreams of owning homes. For many years Todd has featured in the top 25 mortgage inventors. Apart from real estate industry, Todd Lubar has worked in several sectors such as banking, the entertainment industry, mortgage and the construction industry.

After working for twenty years in the credit and finance sector, Todd Lubar realized that he needed to assist other people to reach their dreams. To fulfill this desire, he looked for a way of getting rid of the obstacles that hinder people from getting loans. So he came up with a consumer program that gives them want they desire.  Check out Ideamensch to see more.

According to Patch, to actualize an idea Todd believes that one must have the will. He thinks that where there is a will, there is usually a way. Most people in business typically have ideas, but they fail to bring fruits for lack of will. His will together with his experience in real estate made him work well in the mortgage banking and still venture in his TDL. One thing that excites him is the development of the technology. For instance, he is so excited that he can monitor and control his fans, accounts, and lights by just touching button. He can also watch his home from his phone since he has many security cameras that set in his house.

As a businessman, Mr. Lubar admits that the one practice that makes him productive is getting organized and monitoring every aspect of his business. By knowing what is happening at each stage of his business, it makes him make decisions that are informed. As he worked in a grocery store during his high school, Todd learned the importance of working hard and the value of money.

Currently, Todd lives in Bethesda Maryland together with his two beautiful children. Some of the things that he loves is traveling and spending time with his two children. His goal is to continue improving himself every day.

Everything You Need to Know About IDLife

IDLife is a nutritional plan that focuses on nutrition designed to promote healthy living and wellness. The plan offers a variety of products that help people adopt individualized nutrition so that they can live up to their potential and achieve their dreams under a stable physical and mental health.

The plan, which was started by Logan Stout, has exceeded the expectations of many. Initially, people thought that it was just a scheme that was out to make money without anything substantial to offer. This perception has changed dramatically, thanks to Logan’s commitment to offering highly effective solutions to those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. She has found a unique and highly effective way to address individual needs, leaving them satisfied, happy and contented. Instead of developing universal supplements, they examine their patients individually and develop a special package for each one of them.

As mentioned above, before IDLife recommends a supplement for their clients, they conduct a quick health assessment. The assessment is in the form of questions that touch on medical history, current drug prescriptions, lifestyle habits, eating habits, common allergies, stress levels, hereditary issues and health goals. One must create an account in order to participate in the assessment.

Due to the highly personalized nature of nutritional solutions, the treatment plans may vary widely. However, they can be rounded up into three main categories. These are shakes, weight management and sleep strips. The shakes contain nutrients derived from chia seeds. These seeds have a lot of healthy fatty acids and fiber, making the supplements an ideal choice for healthy digestion and mental function.

The weight management supplements suppress the body’s urge for food. This lowers the rate of calorie intake, reducing weight in the process. The sleep strips create a well-balanced body. They release L-Theanine and melatonin, which are great for supporting quality sleep.

Other products offered by the nutrition plan include energy boosters for mental focus and clarity, hydration supplements for optimum hydration and snack bars for organic and gluten-free diet.

If you want to buy IDLife products, visit their website and take a free online assessment. They only sell through specific sales representatives in the United States and Puerto Rico. You can request for delivery once you complete the assessment and receive a member ID. Alternatively, you can get their sales representatives on Amazon. You can also become their associate and earn up to $500 bonus.

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Tony Petrello Uplifts The Society Through The Provision Of Financial Support

Most oil company executives are individuals who only intend to benefit their company’s through profit maximization. However, such a character is not fit for the Nabors Industries CEO, Tony Petrello. Although not a typical figure in the public, Tony is one of the most influential people in the United States as he has helped to uplift many families, and this has been enabled by the successful tenure that he has had at Nabors Industries.

Tony has served as an executive at Nabors since 1991. Through the years of service delivery, he has steered Nabors to become a dominant company in the oil drilling industry. Tony is one of the best paid Nabors CEO in the United States, and as a result, he has received a lot of recognition while at the same time inspiring many people. Most people who associate with him can testify to his honest nature and hard work. Besides being a particular figure in oil drilling market, Tony also represents the people in the he society who tend to be neglected.

Tony is well known for his charitable contributions to the less fortunate individuals. He comes from Newark region, a place where people have a high regard for work ethics and equality. Tony’s parents were not very wealthy, a situation which made him believe in hard work and no shortcuts to success. He specialized in mathematics and calculus while he was in college. However, his passion for math changed, and he developed a passion for engaging himself in humanitarian undertakings.

After completing his studies, he worked in many different company’s before joining Nabors Industries. The birth of his daughter made him desire to be engaged in his philanthropic deeds even further. Together with his wife, they have offered scientific researchers in the medical field a lot of financial support. Their latest contribution was $7 million for research activities on neurological disorders.

Nabors Industries is one of the few companies in the oil market that drills rather than involving itself in refining the crude product. The enterprise has undergone significant changes in the course of its operations especially at the top managerial level. Likewise, the challenges that the company has gone through in the past have been numerous due to the constant fluctuations in oil prices. However, the aptness of leaders such as Tony Petrello has helped to ensure that the enterprise is always on the path to success.

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Marc Sparks Shows the Way in Business and Philanthropy

Marc Sparks and Timber Creek Capital is tailor made for budding entrepreneurs who seek to make their mark in the business world. If they can bring an innovative concept Sparks and Timber Creek can bring everything else. They provide a wealth of resources that enable bright ideas to see the light of day. A chance for products and services to become a viable business is Timber Creek Capital’s forte.

Marc Sparks has extensive experience in developing and nurturing innovative businesses. He has always demonstrated energy and enthusiasm in his endeavors and he is teaching others how to as well. He has been involved with several dozen startups and is well acquainted with tremendous success and a few failures. He has a passion for building businesses and its characteristic of his mindset which is to help others along their path. Learn more:

Timber Creek Capital has recently relocated their office to a more suitable environ. Collaboration is paramount when developing new business ideas and this new location facilitates creativity and innovative thought. This allows Timber Creek to cultivate three startups for an extended period. Sparks considers the right work environment which emphasizes collaboration to be a critical ingredient for success. Inspiration can flow easier in the right surroundings according to Sparks.

They Can’t Eat You is the title of the book that Marc Sparks authored. He gives unique insights into developing an entrepreneurial mindset and how to persevere in the face of adversity. His desire to share his success is evident with this project and it’s a goldmine for would-be founders who have something to show the world. It is especially helpful to those who may be losing hope. He also considers ruefully that his mistakes and failures could be even more valuable than the successes. Despite his misgivings and painful memories that this entails, he has put the information out there with a sincere desire to help people achieve their dreams.

The work that goes on at Timber Creek Capital has been described as occurring at Spark Speed. This is an outrageous sense of urgency when cultivating ideas and collaborating. Marc Sparks is uniquely qualified to mentor people hoping to go where he has gone. He has experienced success and failure at every level and has rare insights to offer those he mentors. Learn more:

The process of engaging with a new startup involves brainstorming, creativity, and bouncing around ideas to bring forth a business model. A company culture which prizes innovation and puts customers first is also heavily emphasized. Short-term goals and long-range growth plans are decided upon and implemented.

Mark Sparks is also a committed philanthropist who has supported many worthy causes. Habitat for Humanity has received generously of his largesse and he supports a local homeless shelter as well. Learn more:


Betsy Devos is one woman ontop of things

Elisabeth Dee Devos (Betsy Devos) was born on January 8, 1958. She is known for being the 11th and also current United States Secretary of Education. She does not stop there though. Currently, she is also becoming widely known as being a great businesswoman, politician and also an activist.Devos shows her support for school voucher programs, school choice and charter schools as a member of the Republican Party. From 1992 until 1997 she served as being the Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan. Then from 1996 until 2000 Devos served as being the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. The reelection was held later on in 2003.Betsy Devos is married to Dick Devos, who is the former CEO of a multi-level marketing company called Amway.

Devos got her career path started at Calvin College, where she became very involved with campus politics and strictly stayed politically active. She has been able to for over 30 years lead a variety of party organizations and also political action committees. Devos went on to say that the reforming tendency has ran in her family. Dick Devos,Betsy Devos husband, was a nominee in 2006 to be the Governor of Michigan.The Devos like to take and look for innovative solutions when it comes to any social problems. Currently, Betsy is able is serve as the chairman of the Windquest Group. This is a privately held group that is a multi-company group that invests mostly in technology, manufacturing and also clean energy. Devos and her husband found the firm in 1989. Currently, Dick Devos also serves as as the current president of Amway and is also able to serve as being the former president of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise.

One of the most important things that Devos is found to do is being able to pursue reforms through being involved in a large variety of nonprofit roles. She sits as being the chairman for the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. Along with that she is also a member of several national and local boards. Some of these includes: Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA and also the foundation for the educational-choice movement.Dick Devos ran and was elected as the State Board of Education in 1990. Betsy then got involved by helping to give scholarships to low income families, that way it could help give the parents more of a choice of where they wanted their kids to go to school at. The Devos however did realuze quickly that it was great to help families through the schlorships but that more needed to be done to actually fix the problem. Betsy Devos trys to help out with as many charities and nonprofit organizations as she can. It is safe to say that Devos is one busy business lady.

Susan McGalla Hints Women on the Path to Success in Business

Unlike the old patriarchal times, today many women have as well flourished in various career fields that they have undertaken. Unfortunately, there are still a number of them who are oblivious of the path they could take to success and even beat off male competition. Amid negative energy to this gender including inequality, unequal pay or even at times complete lack of women in the boardroom, some authoritative women have attested that they can be such good leaders able to undertake any challenge. The government and other non-governmental organizations are making the road smooth for them by hosting campaigns to kick out the patriarchal deeds. It is not surprising, therefore, that women are taking a stance in the corporate world.


Prior to the gender revolution, business was considered a no-go zone for women but currently, they sit at the summit. These ladies exude innate skills that help to drive the companies that they are working in forward. One such character is Susan McGalla who, like many others, has played a unique role in helping others to reach the top of their careers.


Susan McGalla is the owner and founder of the P3 Executive, LLC, which is located in Pittsburgh. Besides that, she is also the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the renowned Pittsburgh Steelers. She has ventured in retail and clothing sectors in which she gained vast expertise. From that, she has drawn the attention of distinguished personalities to be advised in merchandising, talent management, branding and marketing. Earlier on, she had severed as the president of both Joseph Horne Company and its American Eagle Brand. Thereafter, she left the firm and became a private consultant until the Wet Seal industry asked her to become their CEO, a position she held until January 2011.


Clearly, Susan McGalla has only been able to go up the ladder due to her diligence, versatility, confidence and passion. She strongly believes that nothing comes on a silver platter but through effort and standing out. Additionally, the greatness within a person can only be unlocked by one’s self and exploited to yield the best results.

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