Glen Wakeman Inspires Young Entrepreneurs by Sharing his Decision Making Process

It’s no secret that Glen Wakeman is a leader in the finance world. He is the CEO and founder of Launchpad Holdings. He has successfully taken his educational background and applied them to the world of business. Many young entrepreneurs strive to follow in his footsteps. Fortunately, Wakeman has put together a toolkit that will allow entrepreneurs who are just starting out benefit from his knowledge and considerable experience. It is like having him as a mentor (

One crucial piece advice Wakeman has for those just starting out in the business world is that making connections and networking can make or break a career. That is why it is important to be willing to reach out and help the community. The connections you make while helping others will pave the way to career success. This is why he advises his mentees to build a strong social circle, maintaining connections with all of their friends and acquaintances even if they move away. He advocates using social media to keep these connections strong.

Glen Wakeman uses two tools to help him analyze his decisions and stay on track with his work: using data to inform them and running them by people who are not afraid to disagree with him. He uses spreadsheets and data to make informed business and financial decisions. Then, before putting them into action, he turns to people in his strong social circle for feedback. This way, not only are his choices theoretically sound, but they also have had more than one set of eyes helping to evaluate them.

Glen’s company, Launchpad Holdings, is his way of helping people with great ideas find the money they need to succeed. His software toolkit is designed to provide these innovators with a clear structure to get started with their venture, and help them to map out a plan for continuing to build their business.

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