Robert Diegman’s involvement in the technology industry

How Robert Diegnan’s Involvement In Technology Industry Readied Him For Success At ATS

Recently, Robert Diegnan’s brainchild company, ATS Digital Services became the first customer care company to receive the certification by AppSystem. This proves to the world that ATS system doesn’t just make their lives easier. It also affirms Robert’s statements that the app is safe for use. The certification marks the peak of Robert’s involvement in the technology industry. By this certification, Robert’s role in transforming lives through technology seems to have peaked. It has however been a long way coming and it would be interesting to learn how his previous engagements prepared the Advanced Tech Support (ATS) CEO and Co-founder to this success.

Robert’s interest in technology and entrepreneurship spiked during his college days and he set up his mind on working in this sector. The fact that he was pursuing an unrelated course, Degree in Business Administration at the time didn’t deter him from facing the industry head-on after his graduation from Purdue University in 1995. He had already witnessed the effectiveness of technology in making certain aspects of life easier and was dedicated to using this technology to further making more aspects of life even easier.

Three years into his career, Robert launched his first entrepreneurial project, Fanlink. While this startup was more of a trial business project, it introduced Robert to a new area of life that he has pursued ever since, Customer care. Fanlink turned Robert Diegnan’s attention to customer care and his interest in making providing a digital solution to common challenges experienced by the customer care departments. To a large extent, Fanlink laid the groundwork for Robert’s career in technology.

Gathering more experience in the field

In an attempt to gather more experience in technology while consolidating his knowledge of the subject, Robert Diegman settled for a position as the executive vice president of iS3 Inc. The company specialized in software development and was primarily inclined to solving the problem with digital security, computer support, and personalized but technical online support. The position and the knowledge gained here would, later on, serve as stepping stones to founding ATS digital systems.

Co-founding ATS systems

In 2011, Robert left employment to start ATS digital systems that specialize in customer care services. The business administration graduate would encompass integrate the different skills in security and technical support gained during years of employment to come up with easy to use, effective, and highly secure system. These services allow his company to offer customer services through text, over the phone, and even through remote access screens for technical support.

Achievements Of Vinod Gupta

In a place known as Rampur Manhyaran is where Vinod Gupta was born in the year 1946. After his high school, he joined the I.I.T in Kharagpur, where he studied agricultural engineering. In 1967, Vinod Gupta got his degree in B.Tech. He obtained his Business Administration master’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. As an entrepreneur, Vinod Gupta invested into a firm $100 which was a bank loan, and it was later sold at $ 680 million. He noted the opportunity in the business-to-business niche of promotional information. His position initially was a company’s Chief Executive Officer whose name changed to InfoGroup.


Vinod got a lot of companies leading to the formation of the juggernaut in the IT field. The recent investment company of Vinod Gupta is known as Everest Group, and it offers the business enterprise capital to the investors starting database technology and the purchase the businesses that are declining, aiming at making use of information technology to promote accomplishment. Vinod Gupta puts more efforts in creating employment opportunities to the populations that are not provided with what they want. This has been publicized ex-president known as Bill Clinton because of his comprehensive recruiting exercises.


Gupta usually dedicates his funds towards supporting the philanthropic groups not forgetting to provide finances to various schools in India. When Vinod Gupta completed his education in the University of Nebraska, he secured a job at the Commodore Corporation. It was a local firm that dealt swith the production of movable homes. Through his task as a Marketing Research Analyst, he used to compile a comprehensive list of the moveable home suppliers in the United States. He noted that there was no existence of that kind of a record and he realized the need for the advantages of time-saving for the corporations that would make use of such extensive lists. Visit This Page for related information.


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Vijay Eswaran CEO and Co-Founder of the Reputed QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs from across the globe. As the founder and CEO of QI Group of Companies, he has ensured that the organization continues to grow and achieve new heights of success with time. From the very beginning of his childhood, Vijay Eswaran showed signs of being enterprising. As Vijay’s father worked with the Malaysian Ministry of Labour, he traveled a lot across the country. After completing his schooling in Malaysia, Vijay moved to the United Kingdom, where he completed his graduation in socio-economics from the reputed London School of Economics. After completing his graduation, Vijay traveled across Europe for a couple of years and did odd jobs, including driving a cab and even plucking grapes in France.

Vijay Eswaran later moved on to do Masters in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University in the year 1986. It is what helped him gain considerable insight into the world of business and gain the knowledge of the corporate structure and functionalities. It is also during this time that he learned about and got to know more about multi-level marketing, and even worked for a US based company named Synaptics. After working for several years in the United States and Europe, Vijay Eswaran finally moved back to Malaysia in 1998 when he co-founded a multi-level marketing firm that went on to become the enormous e-commerce conglomerate, known today to the entire world as QI Group.

Vijay Eswaran has managed to make QI Group one of the largest Malaysian companies, which has many subsidiaries in different sectors, including wellness, beauty, retail, information technology, healthcare, luxury products, telecommunications, media, and travel. Vijay Eswaran is also a noted author and has written several books during his lifetime including Sphere of Silence, Two Minutes from the Abyss, 18 Stepping Stones, In the Thinking Zone, and On the Wings of Thought. These books are highly inspiring for the young as well as the old alike. He doesn’t only share his journey to success in these books but also motivates and inspires people not to give up and live with honesty and integrity as it is what would help you in the long-term.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappis Business Acumen

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi gained presidency at Bradesco March 2009, they had lost their lead against their longtime rival Unibanco. Tentatively, Luiz ruled out running for first place in banking classes. “Leadership by itself isn’t a goal,” he said in an interview at the time. “Our goals are doing the best jobs in the places that we serve.” However, in August, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi did a bold thing.

With the approval of Lázaro Brandão, Chairman of this Board, he bought the Brazilian branch of HSBC for US $ 5.2 billion, in the largest business in Brazil in 2015. With the acquisition, Bradesco reopens the fight for leadership in the private segment. Bradesco became the second largest bank in Brazil. A simple sum of the market shares of Bradesco and HSBC makes Banco de Deus bank in Osasco outperform Itaú Unibanco in three items: branch network, number of account holders and total investment funds. In another three, it is close to the rival: assets, deposits and loans granted.

Born in Marília, in 1951, the city of Bradesco origin, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi graduated from the Faculty at Philosophy, Science and Letters of the University at São Paulo.

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The executive began working at the bank in 1969 as bank clerk. As usual at the institution, he went through all hierarchy levels. But he managed to take over the presidency for his work at Bradesco Seguros, which he ran from 2003 to 2009. This area has contributed about 30% of Bradesco’s profit to date. As soon as he sat down in his chair, Trabuco created a corporate university and began to seek the renewal of leadership cadres, talking to executives from all levels of the bank.

To account for this, it established rituals to give autonomy to those who were promoted. Those who ascended were gathered in the Noble Hall, the most solemn of the bank, used for shareholders’ meetings. Every word was opened. One sign of the renovation promoted by Trabuco is the search for market professionals.

An example is Renato Ejnisman, responsible executive director Bradesco BBI, who has served on Bank of America and BankBoston. Of simple habits, Trabuco arrives at the bank at around 7 o’clock in the morning. He works until 6:00 p.m., but in general, he extends his work at business dinners. Earlier in the year, his name was considered to take over the Ministry of Finance. He did not accept the invitation of President Dilma Rousseff. “Trabuco was born to work for Bradesco,” says an executive who knows him well. In fact: his name is the strongest to succeed Lázaro Brandão, seen by all as the soul of the bank.

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The Products PSI-Pay Has to Offer

PSI-Pay, the latest in a banking alternative, has rolled out numerous virtual and physical products that are taking the digital market by storm. This payment service is doing things differently, but some of the products are what many would consider traditional in the world of finance. PSI-Pay is also licensed by Mastercard to offer many of their products including prepaid and debit cards, credit cards, a contactless payment ring and more. Within these products are the travel cards, business cards and even payroll services. There is a lot being offered by PSI-Pay now, and there are more products set to be developed and released in the near future.

What makes these products different if they are being launched by PSI-Pay? The products can be utilized by the company’s partners in whatever fashion the partners need to use them. Whether partners want to offer cashback bonuses, or they offer something in exchange for the purchasing of their own products, these offerings are unique in that they are ideal for the business partners of PSI-Pay.

The goal of PSI-Pay was to remain as a banking alternative, rather than trying to beat the competition. The way that PSI-Pay works, makes it one of the best alternatives available today for those who understand how challenging traditional banking can be. Those who want to be part of a full sponsorship partnership can be non-financial partners. This means that travel benefits, spa benefits, and other benefits are a part of what PSI-Pay is offering to its audience. They can run their very own prepaid card or debit card program, kind of like a private label company if they choose.

Those who choose to be part of the regulation partnership program will also find that working with PSI-Pay on financial products is beneficial for their business. Even if their partners are not Mastercard members they can still be a part of the program. All they need in order to work with PSI-Pay is to obtain the proper authorization rights within the European Union. Holding consumer balances is ideal for any financial institution, but they are especially ideal in this case.

PSI-Pay is a part of the revolutionary changes in banking. The goal was to make the deposit and withdraw of funds easier and faster than any other option, with fewer fees. The company has been in business since 2007, and is offering services around the globe.

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The Philanthropy of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is one of the most powerful men in the United States. This is because he is the man in charge of of an enormous oil drilling company called Nabors Industries Ltd. However, even a man with this much money and power still has sadness in his life. He had a daughter named Carena who had a neurological disorder from when she was born. This made Tony determined to use his money in an attempt to find a cure for his daughter’s illness. In doing so, he would help to spare other parents the same heartache and pain that he was going through.

Tony Petrello has dedicated his life to improving the research that is done to cure various brain disorders in children. He has donated several million dollars of his own money over the years to this end. He has also campaigned to get other people to give large amounts of money to other research facilities. These hospitals that are working towards curing these terrible diseases. Tony said that his daughter’s medical condition changed his outlook on life. He never takes anything for granted. He looks at every day as a blessing. He wants to help other people during his remaining years.

Tony Petrello came from very humble beginnings and achieved success that few other people ever have before. He was born and raised in the city of Newark. His parents did not have a lot of money. Therefore, Tony knew that his dream of going to an Ivy League college would depend on receiving a scholarship. This made Tony focus on his studies even more than usual while he was in high school. He was eventually awarded a scholarship and applied to Yale University where he was accepted. He earned a couple of mathematics degrees and also studied law at Harvard.

Tony Petrello worked as a lawyer for the first dozen years after he graduated from college. He was very happy with his career choice. However, Nabors was looking for a new CEO in 1991. They thought that Tony had all of the qualities they were looking for. Nabors had been struggling in the 1980s and had lost a lot of money. Tony accepted the challenge of bringing this company back to its former glory. He was able to accomplish this goal. The profits of Nabors soared with Tony at the helm. This allowed Tony to become very wealthy.

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Robert Ivy Pushes AIA To The Top Of The Scale

About Robert Ivy
In 2011, Robert Ivy became Chief Executive Officer of AIA, also known as the American Institute of Architects. Currently, he serves as the Executive Vice President as well.

Educational Background
Robert Ivy attended Tulane University and graduated with a Masters of Architecture. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Sewanee: The University of the South. He graduated cum laude of his class.

Career Ventures
Robert Ivy has an extensive level of experience and the skills to match. He began his career as the Editor in Chief for Architectural Record. Ivy joined McGraw-Hill Construction Media as the Vice President and Editorial Director. It included publications like GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design, Architectural Record: China, HQ Magazine, SNAP, ENR, Constructor, and Sweets.

Robert Ivy has made huge contributions to AIA, a network with more than 250 chapters and over 90,000 architect/design members and professionals, through his leadership. Ivy is helping to build the association through campaigns, public outreach, and educational efforts that allows members to better serve clients and the community in today’s ever-changing generation. Under Ivy’s leadership, AIA is transforming into a more prominent, creative and active organization.

Ivy has accomplished great success throughout his career. Because of Ivy’s editorial leadership, Architectural Record obtained several publishing awards. In 2009, honored with the Crain Award, the highest appreciation by the American Business Media. He also received the McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. In 2010, Ivy was named the “Master Architect” by the Alpha Rho Chi fraternity.

Robert Ivy is also widely known for his biography, Fay Jones: Architect. Currently, it is in its third edition. It has been noted for its highest quality of design, creation and expertise. It discusses the importance of architecture in our everyday lives.

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Eva Moskowitz’ Uniquely Reimagined K-12 Public Education

Eva Moskowitz grew up in the neighborhood of Morningside Heights, Manhattan. She graduated from Stuyvesant High School where “she believed half of the teachers there were incompetent” according to Steven Brill. Early on in her career after receiving a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University she taught women’s history at the University of Virginia as a visiting professor, also at Vanderbilt University as an assistant professor, and at City University of New York also as an assistant professor of history.

Eva Moskowitz, the founder of the Success Academy Education Institute(Charter School) is looking to change public policies and public school design in order to assure that more kids are getting educational excellence. Eva Moskowitz is showing the nation what is possible by doing everything differently from the aesthetics of schooling, to the way math is being taught, to the way financial operations are run.

 Eva Moskowitz’ school after achieving great results decided to allow other educators the ability to access their blueprints which will empower them to hone their craft and be able to hone their ability to be a great teacher. This is amazing because it shows that Eva Moskowitz cares about not just the education of her own students but is also attempting to spread the resources and allow others to benefit and grow from her educational methods. She believes more high quality options need to be there for students because there are huge amounts of students not getting the quality education they need and there are somewhere near 50,000 students stuck on charter school waiting lists and they won’t all get in. Eva Moskowitz’ Charter School System is reimagining the way K-12 public education is being taught and is achieving excellent results for her students.



Successful Career And Achievements Of Siegall

When cancer treatment is mentioned, most people think of it like a nightmare. However, innovative scientists like Clay Siegall have played a significant role towards changing the situation. Siegall became aware of cancer through his father who struggled with it for about five years. During the time, oncologists faced great challenges associated with limited tools for cancer treatment, and this made it hard for patients to survive.


From the experience, Clay got an urge to carry out research and improve facilities in future in order to save the lives of desperate cancer patients. His goal has been to introduce innovative and effective cancer treatment therapies and to alleviate their suffering through targeted cancer drugs. His achievements in the industry have increased through the establishment of partnerships and collaborating with other professionals, innovators, scientists, and leaders.


Clay Siegall dreams of making a difference through improved cancer treatment started when he enrolled to study Genetics and Zoology. He holds a Doctorate in Genetics from the University of George Washington and a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from Maryland. His career started at a pharmaceutical research institute under Bristol-Myers Squib before he joined the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health.


He has served as one of the Board of Directors at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Alder Biopharmaceutical, and Washington Roundtable. Clay’s dream became a reality when he founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 and chose to put into practice the knowledge and skills he had gained from the previous roles. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the celebrated Seattle Genetics. The company focuses on research and development of cancer therapies.


Under clay’s leadership, Settle Genetics has laid the foundation for enhanced cancer treatment through scientific innovation, extensive research, and drug advancement. For instance, Seattle Genetics in collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company developed effective antibody-drug conjugates. The drug attained the FDA approval in 2011, and it is now a global brand accessible in more than 65 countries worldwide. As more firms involved in cancer research and treatment discover the effectiveness of Seattle’s ADC technology, many of them are seeking to enter into agreements with Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics to further development.