What did Polly Say?

Was your favorite toy Polly Pocket growing up? Wonder what it would be like to be Polly? What kind of house would she have? What care would she drive? These are easy questions because the Polly Pocket toy provided but it doesn’t seem to have to provided Polly’s choice of cosmetics. Now Lime Crime has developed Polly Pocket style like cosmetics so that you can be like Polly.

This retro 90’s style palettes provided by LimeCrime give the same color palette as the beloved toy. What does Lime Crime call this you would say? Oh yeah, pocket candy. How adorable is that?

This new line of products brings a fun fresh look while inviting the love of the past for all you pocket fans. I am sure Polly and others are tickled at the fact that this companies mission is to bring a cosmetic revolution, pushing the envelope for their clients to genuinely consider what cosmetics to purchase and how they will make you feel when you do.

This consciously healthy and animal friendly line of cosmetics has become no less than a cult favorite. Unless you want to term it something else that is what we are going with today.

This cosmetics company is making way for themselves through social and media spaces to become the product you will go to obtain the tools for your realm of free expression.

Polly had her pocket world, her car, her house and all her friends. This Pocket Candy or blast from the past, is a reminder of those days when you wanted to be like Polly.

Don’t forget that this brand doesn’t just offer pocket palettes, they also have other product lines to help you make best use of your pocket candy.

Try other products like Diamond Crushers, Unicorn Hair or Matte Velvetines. Make yourself into the person you want to be by just checking out their products. You may find a unicorn or some diamonds in the sky.

Why be boring, rebellious? Why not shake things up? Polly and I say to try it, what do you have to lose?