Classrooms See More Success with Classdojo

Even classrooms that have been very successful academically may have problems when it comes to the way that they are handled by teachers. Students who perform on an academic level may not be able to do other things in the classroom and this can cause a big problem for the overall attitude of the classroom. It can make a big difference in the way that things are done and it will give everyone a chance to see how things can be done differently if they only work hard to make sure that they are getting what they want.


Teachers can use Classdojo to encourage their students to do better. They need to set up a system that allows them to see what they need to do with their classroom. This means that they will assign certain things that are good for the classroom and give each of these a point value. The students can then do each of these things and earn the allotted point amount for doing the things. The teachers in different classrooms can make the points worth different things depending on what they want to focus on in their classroom and what they want to do in the classroom environment.


Students who work hard and who are able to do the things that have different points in the classroom can build up the number of points that they have. These points get banked by the app and allow the students to see that they are doing different things well. They can then trade all of the points that they have in for special rewards. Students can earn whatever the teacher thinks is fair: from a pizza party to a homework pass and even going without shoes for a day in the class room because of the points that they have built up.


Parents who are concerned about where their child stands on the Class dojo app need not worry. They can check the app anytime that they want to see where the student is at and what they are doing. They can see the different amount of points that the child has and they can even see the times when they get the prizes that the teacher has set. Parents are also able to use the app to talk to teachers so that they can help their students be more successful and get the most classroom information available to them.

ClassDojo Strives To Make Parent Teacher Meetings Obsolete

ClassDojo is making a major change to education. For one thing, the parent is going to be more involved in the education of the student than before. Up until recently, the parent was not going to know too much about the child’s school life until the parent teacher conference. ClassDojo is taking a lot of steps to change that with a new app. This app will not only help the parent stay connected with the student, but it will also help the student feel connected with someone. After all, isolation is a very hard thing to go through as a child.

With the new app, parents are able to communicate throughout the school year and even throughout the day in order to see how their children are doing in class. It is almost like being in class with their children. This provides children with encouragement so that they can enjoy their time in school. It also keeps the bond that children have with their parents strong so that they don’t become estranged. A child’s growth is a journey.

It is not just the parents that use Class Dojo. Teachers could also let parents know what types of activities are scheduled for the day. That way, parents can know what kind of day that their child is going to have. Another good thing is that whenever the child is going to do a presentation up in front of class, they could video the kid and send it to their parents so that they could share in the excitement of their child giving the presentation. The parent can also encourage the child in areas where he might need help in activities like these.

ClassDojo is working very hard to bring a revolutionary change to education. The goal of ClassDojo is to make education more comfortable and accessible for students. Students will no longer feel alone at school as long as they are connected.