Adam Milstein Is Helping The Jewish Community Prosper With New Leaders In History

A real estate investor, active philanthropist as well as an community leader, Adam Milstein is centered around working to strengthen the State of Israel as well as the Jewish people.

Adam Milstein is a former native of Israel and has served in the IDF while during the Yom Kippur War and then went on to graduate in 1978 from the Technion school. After graduating from school, Adam moved to the United States in 1981. It was then that he earned his MBA from the University of Southern California. It was then that he embarked to begin a career inside of the commercial real estate business. He worked as a managing partner from Hager Pacific Properties. It was this private commercial real estate investment firm which managed and owned million square feet of several buildings in commercial real estate that was spread out across the United States.

Adam Milstein is the co-founder for the Israeli American Council. He also sits on a variety of boards that include the AIPAC National Council along with the Jewish Funders Network. Adam and his wife Gila live inside of the Encino, California area where they have raised three children along with helping their children raise their three grandchildren.

Adam hopes to help out the Jewish American community by raising awareness of the community to identify and encourage those hero’s who hope to lend help to the Jewish American people. He hopes to bring awareness to the Jewish community in America by helping them to become aware of the fight that their ancestors and descendents fight everyday still.

Adam Milstein works to help out the next generation by helping them to become passionate, innovative and then hard working leaders. He hopes that with his help, they will become passionate leaders who rise to the occasion while being met with challenges of their time. By helping the young leaders of his community, he hopes to be able to bridge the gap between Israel and America when the Jewish community will begin to prosper more than they have in previous times and previous events of the Jewish ancestry.

Adam Milstein

Felipe Montoro Jens is Excited About the Partnership Between the Brazilian Government and BNDES

Sanitation services in Brazil have long been under scrutiny. Working solutions to the problem plaguing sanitation in the country have been few and far between. The citizens of Brazil have begun to lose faith and they deserve better.


Recently though the country has received a glimmer of hope. The Brazilian government has decided to take strong action regarding the issue. It announced that it has joined forces with BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development). Why is this so important? The government will generate concessions via its partnership with BNDES.


The partnership looks promising at the least. Though many residents are rightfully skeptical because of the governments many past failures to address the sanitation issue. However, the water sector is very hopeful for the initiative.


Trata Brazil President Edison Carlos has also received the initiative positively. In a recent interview he pointed out a few key features of the initiative that have the potential to improve the country’s sanitation situation in aspects concerning management, structural and resource areas. He believes if the public and private initiatives work in a complementary way instead of totally separate they can decrease the level of waste.


The initiative wants to employ customized action plans that concur with resident reports about the state of the locations they reside in.


About Felipe Montoro Jens


Felipe montoro Jens is a well respected finance professional. The field of finance includes several areas, but Felipe specializes in infrastructure. he has experience in investments as well.


he recently lended some of his expertise in infrastructure to the Brazilian government following their partnership with BNDES. He expertly pointed out the correlation between Brazilian states high waste levels and their economic wealth. He knows this issue is a serious one that needs to be resolved asap. Therefore, he understands how important the partnership is between both organizations.

Felipe Montoro Talks About The BNDES Partnership

The Brazilian government recently made an announcement that it has partnered with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development to generate concessions. This decision has come as a surprise to many and people still doubt if it is the right step taken by the government. The Ministry of Water has received the news in a positive manner.


In a recent interview conducted by a leading news channel, Edison Carlos, the President of a sanitation Institute, Trata Brasil and Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure expert, were asked about their thoughts on the recent update by the government. Edison explained to the viewers how the partnership would allow the different states to receive proper sanitation plans. Not just the sanitation, even the water sector will greatly benefit from the association. There will be less wastage of water since this is one problem that Brazil has faced over the years. But, he also added that the contract with the private agencies would need to be inspected in a timely manner to ensure that the goals are being achieved.


Felipe Montoro Jens also shared the same thoughts and expressed that the concessions towards the private agencies will help Brazil immensely in building a better sanitation health program for its people. He also expressed his joy towards the fact that the government is taking its waste management programs seriously and working towards it.


Felipe Montoro Jens currently serves as the CEO of the Energipar Captação S.A. Under his leadership, the company has achieved success by providing their clients with innovative services for the satisfaction of their clients. Apart from that, he has worked with many other companies in Brazil and contributed immensely towards its success.


Felipe Montoro Jens pursued his graduation degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation and then went to ThunderBird School of Global Management for his post graduation degree.

Great Minds Really do Think Alike

One way or the other, societies move forward or feel the pain of holding back within the competitive arena of business and politics. If an individual or organization does not feel the drive to perform a service in the name of commerce, some other leader, group, community is surely up to the task. Yet, in this fact of life and business solutions can be made. When cooler heads prevail, as more often than not they do, anyone on board with the smart plan wins. And even better, when everyone goes along with the plan, it is known as a win-win outcome.


These set of circumstances appear to apply to events surrounding the Brazilian government, the BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development). The event in question is a change in sanitation services for the public. It may sound like a simple and even possibly inconsequential subject, however the decisions and actions involved effect future generations and can have unforeseen consequences. If details are not handled carefully with vision as well as retrospect, a nation state’s infrastructure may become vulnerable. However, when matters are handled correctly they yield an economic stability and a standard of living well worth the effort. An interview between Edison Carlos and Felipe Montoro Jens points to this fact. In this interview, Carlos is the president of the sanitation institute Trata Brasil. His organization manages the public’s basic needs. Jens specializes in overseeing projects has a good handle on the concept of infrastructure.


The term interview just may be a bit of a misnomer for the dialogue between the two men. A meeting of the minds better describes the tone and salient points made between the two professionals during their conversation. They both agree that the improvement of services available to the public need to change if the state is truly to move progressively. From the looks of it, both men contribute ideas to a situation in which they and others are ready to resolve.


Jens has a work history similar to Carlos’ in the sense that the title of president and executive officer are familiar to him. Of course, successful executive and presidential experience requires cooperative interaction, vision, patience and the ability to find solutions while being for compromise. It also means that Jens knows firsthand what it means to meet the bottom line in time.


When one sits at the head of a business table, the “my way or the highway” attitude does not always work. This is especially true when directly dealing with clients and customers. At that level of professionalism it really is all about delivering the best service no questions asked. Jens knows this for a fact from a productive standpoint. He just wants to make sure that Carlos and Trata Brasil are made aware of this condition of doing business with the public while working from the private sector.