About MB2 Dental Solution

An organization was started to offer dental service support to other affiliated practitioners. MB2 Dental Solutions has partnered with other dentists and owners of practices. The organization enhances service delivery by reinforcing other practicing clinics. The aim is to increase the quality of services offered to patients. MB2 serves without interfering with patient care and the stipulated standards in each practice. Although this organization works with other dentists, all affiliates operate autonomously. The MB2 team is only there to offer the required support. This organization envisions a community with dentists focused on achieving the best. MB2 intends to deliver excellence in dental care and patients. When MB2 is managing business aspects of their clients, the practices can concentrate on patient care.


Every day, MB2 works hard to offer their affiliates a competent team for helping them. Every individual in the team is a professional with a wealth of experience. They all work with diligence bearing in mind the organization’s goals. Each member of this affiliation is important, and team members understand the business. Leaders have taken the initiative of paying close attention to their clients. In case of any inquiries, concerns or urgent situations, team members respond immediately.

The team of specialists imparts guidance, knowledge and strategic approaches for all affiliates. Although all practices are dental based, they have some differences. For this reason, MB2 team customizes every solutions and strategy to suit each practice. The idea of MB2 Dental Solution was inspired by challenges from both individual and group practices. Dr. Villanueva discovered these challenges and formulated a comprehensive model to address them. The organization was established on the grounds of positive traits from individual and group practices. At the same time, the vision has suppressed the negative aspects of each model. Since the beginning of this organization, more than eighty affiliates and over one thousand employees have come onboard.


MB2 found a way of working as a group but remaining independent at the same. Working as a group is convenient when resolving matters, and autonomy applies when each practice wants to achieve separate agendas. Significant growth has been achieved at MB2 Dental Solution. One of the successful strategies is Priority Dental Plan. This approach is meant to address marketing needs and increase customer base. It increases customer base by offering affordable care to patients. Since it was developed, the plan has worked well for affiliates. It is now an essential part of the MB2 culture. Patients keep increasing in dentist offices managed by MB2 Dental Solutions.


Lifeline Screening Offers A Brief EKG Electrode Sscreening

Lifeline Screening was founded in 1993 to give its clients access to preventative screening services. By 1998, the services expanded to include the fields of a cholesterol panel, a diabetes panel and inflammation to do with the C-reactive protein in 2007. Lifeline offers ultrasound scans, blood screenings, and electrocardiographs. Diseases such as atrial fibrillation, peripheral arterial disease, (PAD) and abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), can be found using ultrasound equipment. You receive a complete screening report in 21 days via mail. Lifeline also offers finger-stick screenings for diabetes or heart disease. All of Lifeline Screening’s equipment is FDA approved. Results are provided in less than 10 minutes.

Lifeline Screening offers a brief EKG electrode screening that is non-invasive and requires no removal of clothing. Lifeline Screening’s mission is to find unrecognized and undiagnosed health problems. The sooner a life-threatening illness is found, the sooner it gets treated, which increases life expectancy. For example: risk factors for cardiovascular disease includes having family members with the same illness, getting older, smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, having a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight or obese, and having diabetes are all severe risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Lifestyle changes can be implemented to avoid cardiovascular disease such as getting more exercise, taking blood pressure medication to manage your blood pressure, as well as changing your diet by eliminating salty foods found in sauces, or using salt as a seasoning in general. Lifeline Screening can give you knowledge about your cardiovascular health via a scan of your arteries. During an ultrasound, sound waves are sent to the part of the body that will be looked at. Imaging can easily find aortic aneurysms, carotid artery disease, and the presence of PAD. Lifeline Screening also uses finger stick tests as mentioned previously that can screen for liver disease. EKG testing can detect irregular heartbeats, which can cause strokes. According to the Lifeline screening blog, 2.6 million people die each year in the United States, 7 in 10 of these illnesses are caused by chronic illness. Lifeline Screening’s mission is to prevent illness before it starts.

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Jim Larkin Was a Huge Union Supporter in Ireland

Before Jim Larkin started working on the unions in Ireland, there was very little chance for the people who were in the country to be treated fairly. This was a problem that he saw a lot of and something that he worked hard to be able to fix.

He wanted to make sure that things could get better for people who were in different situations and that was a huge part of the reason that he started the unions and why he consistently fought to make sure that things were going to be able to work out for the people who were doing different things.

When Jim Larkin was working on the docks in Liverpool, he did not see a lot of chances that people had to get better. He saw problems with this and wanted to make sure that things would get better for people so he encouraged the idea of a union in the docks and that was something that eventually came to fruition so that people would be able to enjoy everything that there was to offer in the jobs that they had even if they were not in the best position or had the best education.

While the world war was raging on, Jim Larkin was doing what he could to fight the powers of the country that he was a part of. He wanted to make things better for people and didn’t want them to have to go to war with a country that was not even their own.

He did what he could to show Ireland that they didn’t need to worry about the world war or helping places like the United States. He even went as far as going to the United States to protest the war and get people to join in on his mission.

Since he was in the United States and he was acting as an aggressive socialist, he got in trouble for the things that he was doing. He was charged, but later pardoned for the crimes that he committed and he was then deported back to Ireland so that he would be able to go back to his own country.

It was a change and something that he would have to deal with for many years to come so that he would be able to make the right type of changes to his life.

Overall, Jim Larkin was a great leader and someone who set up the changes for the unions around the world. He tried very hard to make sure that he was doing things the right way and that was a reason that he had to make things better on his own.

It was also something that made it easier for him to make sense of the way that workers were treated. He was able to learn more and handle more opportunities in his own career thanks to the experience that he had working for and fighting with the union to make things better for people.

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What is Capitol Anesthesiology?

About Capitol Anesthesiology Association


Capitol Anesthesiology Association has been providing high-quality care to over 20 medical facilities in the greater Austin, Texas area since 1973. As a proud member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute, this dedicated Association consists of a staff of over 130 who assists anesthesiologists in providing comfortable and safe care to their patients. Certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, Capitol Anesthesiology Association’s physicians, highly trained in several specialized areas, offer services in the areas of pediatric, cardiothoracic and obstetric anesthesiology.

What Services Will CAA Provide?

Anesthesia services provided by the Capitol Anesthesiology Association include local/monitored anesthesia care, general, and regional anesthesia.

Local/Monitored Anesthesia Care, is administered when the procedure involves small areas of soft tissue. Medications that help reduce anxiety and pain, given through an IV give the patient a relaxed feeling while they physician prepares the area to be operated.

General Anesthesia, used in more extensive surgeries such as abdominal, brain, chest or heart surgeries, is performed when the patient is completely unconscious and still. This type of procedure requires more advanced monitoring of the patient’s vital signs.

Regional Anesthesia, often used in childbirth or surgeries that focus on one area of the body, is administered by giving a sedative to the patient and the anesthetic applied next to the nerves that supply the feeling to the operated part of the patient’s body.

CAA’s Community Involvement

The staff at Capitol Anesthesiology Association, dedicated to their community, are involved in various philanthropic organizations such as Eels on Wheels, Austin Smiles, Operation Smile, Children’s Medical Center Foundation, and more.


The Journey of Cassio Audi in Music Development

There are many notable names in the business and financial industries that have diversified their interest into music development. Some of this people are investing in music as a part time or leisure activity while others having engaged it fully as a career. Cassio Audi is a renowned business development, a financial advisor with over 23 years of experience in start-up firms and companies. His effort has been felt by many businesses he has established and has developed into multinational entities. His vast skills in the development of result oriented organization and establishment of financial control systems have given him an upper hand in the global limelight.

His interpersonal communication skills have driven him into exploring the world of music development. Cassio Audi has developed music that is geared towards addressing the business problems of his clients by providing amicable solutions. He coils the message through writing music that is listened to the majority of people in Brazil who have loved his form of message. Apart from that, he ensures that he produces new album each year to keep in touch with his increasing number of clients. The music is composed in the native Brazilian language that has left many citizens identifying themselves with the music.

His music is meant to teach the majority of Brazil investors on how to invest in productive businesses that will realize increased profit. Cassio Audi’s rich musical background is also characterized by the rich educational experience. He is a graduate of Business Administration from Pontifical Catholic University. He later pursued Masters in Business Administration from the Sao Paulo University that gave him a successful entry into the world of music. Mixing music career and business have been instrumental in formulating lasting solutions for clients in different fields through the dissemination of correct information by way of music. Cassio Audi continues to excel both in the business development and music production and is soon expanding his music distribution to other parts of the world.
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Cancer Treatment Centers of America – Partnering With Allscripts & NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways

Cancer Treatment Centers of America – as a team with NantHealth and Allscripts is executing a custom specialized arrangement that empowers eviti, a NantHealth clinical choice help arrangement, access to clinical work processes in the EHR – Allscripts Sunrise electronic wellbeing record. With consistent reconciliation of this clinical choice help arrangement, the Clinical Pathways program educates the cancer treatment progress, without interfering with the doctor’s clinical work process. NantOS – The immediate interface of the clinical working framework was established with the contribution of several oncologists in various corners of the country and holds a far reaching accumulation of data about Cancer.
“Clinical Pathways shows all suitable treatment alternatives. It likewise helps in getting rid of possible guesswork by physicians who are routinely immersed with new information and oncology investigation,” said George Daneker, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America chief medical officer. “We established treatment options’ ecosystem which is customized according to the standards of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, for patients to access and select from which is efficient and safe. Built with patients in mind, Clinical Pathways incorporates the most recent cancer information available, complementary therapies and treatment regimes into the Allscripts Sunrise EHR, providing oncologists with the capacity to make a curated rundown of care conventions at the level of care.
Cancer Treatment Centers of Americais based in Boca Raton, Fla. which is the national system of five hospitals that give services to adult patients who are struggling with cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America gives an integrative way to for caring that brings together chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation, surgery, precision treatment, and genomic testing with proof-based supportive therapies. Such methods of treatment are meant to assist patients emotionally and physically through improving their life quality while controlling side effects both during and even after treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America gives services to patients around the globe through its healthcare facilities in Phoenix, Tulsa, Atlanta, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Marc Sparks Shows the Way in Business and Philanthropy

Marc Sparks and Timber Creek Capital is tailor made for budding entrepreneurs who seek to make their mark in the business world. If they can bring an innovative concept Sparks and Timber Creek can bring everything else. They provide a wealth of resources that enable bright ideas to see the light of day. A chance for products and services to become a viable business is Timber Creek Capital’s forte.

Marc Sparks has extensive experience in developing and nurturing innovative businesses. He has always demonstrated energy and enthusiasm in his endeavors and he is teaching others how to as well. He has been involved with several dozen startups and is well acquainted with tremendous success and a few failures. He has a passion for building businesses and its characteristic of his mindset which is to help others along their path. Learn more:

Timber Creek Capital has recently relocated their office to a more suitable environ. Collaboration is paramount when developing new business ideas and this new location facilitates creativity and innovative thought. This allows Timber Creek to cultivate three startups for an extended period. Sparks considers the right work environment which emphasizes collaboration to be a critical ingredient for success. Inspiration can flow easier in the right surroundings according to Sparks.

They Can’t Eat You is the title of the book that Marc Sparks authored. He gives unique insights into developing an entrepreneurial mindset and how to persevere in the face of adversity. His desire to share his success is evident with this project and it’s a goldmine for would-be founders who have something to show the world. It is especially helpful to those who may be losing hope. He also considers ruefully that his mistakes and failures could be even more valuable than the successes. Despite his misgivings and painful memories that this entails, he has put the information out there with a sincere desire to help people achieve their dreams.

The work that goes on at Timber Creek Capital has been described as occurring at Spark Speed. This is an outrageous sense of urgency when cultivating ideas and collaborating. Marc Sparks is uniquely qualified to mentor people hoping to go where he has gone. He has experienced success and failure at every level and has rare insights to offer those he mentors. Learn more:

The process of engaging with a new startup involves brainstorming, creativity, and bouncing around ideas to bring forth a business model. A company culture which prizes innovation and puts customers first is also heavily emphasized. Short-term goals and long-range growth plans are decided upon and implemented.

Mark Sparks is also a committed philanthropist who has supported many worthy causes. Habitat for Humanity has received generously of his largesse and he supports a local homeless shelter as well. Learn more:


Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) – the USHealth Group

USHealth Group has a very appealing mission: Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE). This statement describes the staff, contracted agents and management at the company. The company takes pride in the fact that HOPE is something practiced on a daily basis. Further, this is a comittment in the lives of others to make a positive difference.


USHealth Group offers clients reliability and affordability. They offer insurance for everyday medical costs as well as more difficult medical events. The company has been helping people for more than 50 collective years and have served more than 15 million customers under the leadership of CEO Troy McQuagge.


One of the outstanding features offered by USHealth is the fact that the customer decides the amount of insurance coverage they need. This allows you to buy more insurance if or when you need it and you will not need to go through additional underwriting. You will also be able to buy a Short Term Medical Surgical Expense Plan. You can do this without any further underwriting when you purchase the Optional Guaranteed Short Term Insurability Rider. This can save you $1,000’s of dollars as you are not forced to pay for the coverage before it is actually needed. The company offers many insurance plans which allow you to lock in your rates for up to 15 months. Most of these plans are available without any additional underwriting. The fast, efficient service of USHealth Group allows for an average claim to be processed in less than 10 days.


USHealth Group has been recognized for some of the most important business awards year after year. These awards provide a simple truth: excellence in business doesn’t just happen…it has to be earned. Some of these awards, during the last few years, include the Bronze Stevie Winner, 2012; the Silver Stevie Award, for sales and customer service, 2012; the Bronze Stevie Winner, from American Business Awards, 2013; The Bronze Stevie Winner from the American Business Awards, 2014; and the Bronze Stevie Winner for sales and customer service in 2015. The company is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


If you select your insurance from USHealth Group you have the opportunity to choose your own dedicated agent. It is obvious that health coverage is very personal and the agents will make this a personal experience created for you.

George Soros follows new road to criminal justice reform in the United States

The 2016 U.S. presidential election proved to be one of the most costly political events in the history of the world. One of the largest donors of that election was George Soros, the famous hedge fund manager and philanthropist who has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to political causes across the globe. Soros had donated more than $25 million to the doomed Hillary Clinton campaign, making him the largest single donor to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign as well as the person who stood to lose the most from Mrs. Clinton’s inability to attain the office of the presidency.

But despite this gigantic loss, Soros has gone on investing strategically in political races across the country. Many people are aware that Soros also lost approximately $25 million donating to the campaign of John Kerry in 2004, in an unsuccessful bid to unseat then incumbent George W Bush. However, all of these spectacular losses hide the fact that Soros has been enjoying huge wins all across the southern United States and elsewhere in his bid to completely overhaul the U.S. criminal justice system. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Through his philanthropic organizations, such as The Open Society Foundations, Soros has been strategically funneling money to the campaigns of progressive candidates throughout the United States. Most of these people are minorities or liberals who are dedicated to the reform of the U.S. criminal justice system and the elimination of disparities in both charging and sensing minorities with crimes. In these races, despite an almost total lack of publicity, Soros has been racking up an almost perfect winning track record, unseating conservatives from coast to coast.

One such example was the case of the Aramis Ayala campaign in Orange County, Florida. Miss Ayala was running as the state first African American female candidate for district attorney. She had long worked in the prosecutor’s office as a public defender. But now, Miss Ayala had her sights set on a larger prize. She wanted to be the state of Florida’s first female black prosecutor.

But she had a steep uphill battle to reach her goal. With virtually no funding, her campaign had little chance of competing with a long entrenched incumbent opponent Jeff Ashton. Ashton’s campaign, on top of having coffers full of cash, also had the considerable tailwinds of his long incumbency as Orange County prosecutor. Learn more on about George Soros.

George Soros stepped up to the plate with his largesse. Through The Open Society Foundations, Soros infused the Ayala campaign with more than 1.$2 million. This instantaneously gave Ayala a huge edge, allowing her to run 24/7 television advertisements and turn out the vote of the city’s considerable minority population. The strategy worked. Today, Ayala is the orange county prosecutor.

Why White Shark Media Is Working Well For Many Business Owners

White Shark Media is a top-rated search engine marketing company that’s built a great reputation helping businesses maximize their ROI on paid search marketing campaigns. Services such as Google AdWords and Bing’s marketplace allow businesses to get their company listed in the top of ads that appear in search results and does so using a proprietary system they’ve developed. Search engine marketing (SEM) is similar to search engine optimization (SEO), but one reason it’s preferred over regular over SEO is that bidding for the right keywords and using them correctly can bring your website to the top of search results immediately as opposed to waiting for weeks.

White Shark Media has special software and technical systems that can research the right keywords and campaign setup that will actually generate traffic to your website. But they can also help make sure your business will turn that traffic into leads and eventually sales so that every click on your Google AdWords listing is maximized by profits. They have a special way to track leads even with phone calls and even offer subscribers a Triton Website plan to build a business page that’s SEO-friendly.

Another reason you should consider hiring White Shark Media is that they’re a certified Google Small Business partner company. To become one of Google’s partner companies you have to meet very strict criteria and adhere to guidelines, something White Shark Media has done well in the 6 years they’ve existed. White Shark Media also has a free no-obligation evaluation which they offer to anyone interested in signing up. A White Shark Media technical expert will meet with you on and discuss how they could manage your current search engine marketing campaigns and change them into profitable investments. But if you’e still not interested, you can use the information from the evaluation and walk away.


Find out more about White Shark Media: