Marc Sparks Shows a Tremendous Range of Skills for Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks knows how to channel and harness innovation, which leads to success as demonstrated by his career as a serial entrepreneur who’s reached the top of the game. He is the owner and manager of private equity firm Timber Creek Capital and they are specialists when it comes to incubating fresh ideas with startup companies. They provide a wealth of resources that encompasses literally anything a business may need to get started. Timber Creek provides the expertise of Sparks himself and his vast range of experience which is the most important resource.

Sparks recently orchestrated the relocation of Timber Creek to a new office building which is more conducive to startups. He places a great emphasis on collaboration and creativity and the new office is designed with this in mind. He also believes that surroundings can make a big difference and he gives a unique illustration to buttress his claims. He compares an office in a modest, nondescript part of town with an office on New York’s Fifth Avenue and asks the probing question of where one would be most inspired? It is a convincing argument and illustrates his passion for success and entrepreneurs.

If the idea or concept is convincing to Sparks he will bring the nascent company on board where they provide extensive resources and a long incubation period so that success is a greater probability. A specialized business plan is developed utilizing the full range of his expertise which was developed after starting dozens of viable businesses. He also helps them cultivate a business culture as well as short and long-range goals that inspire and motivate.

Another important quality that Marc Sparks possesses is what he calls an Outrageous Sense of Urgency. The energy and drive that he displays when pursuing a new vision is infectious and helps budding entrepreneurs understand the necessities that bring the realization of goals and progress in the ultra-competitive world of business.

A willingness to take risks has served Sparks very well and is a key for those aspiring to more than a run-of-the-mill job. He has detailed that he has no fear of losing it all. This allows him to regularly take calculated risks and his record shows that there have been more hits than misses. He goes into each project knowing that he can’t win every time, but he still puts forth a maximum effort.

The definition of being rich for Marc Sparks may surprise some people as money isn’t at the top of the list. Having good health, family and friends is something he cherishes more than financial success. Starting a business from scratch is a passion for Sparks and something he will probably never stop doing so long as he is able. Learn more:

What did Polly Say?

Was your favorite toy Polly Pocket growing up? Wonder what it would be like to be Polly? What kind of house would she have? What care would she drive? These are easy questions because the Polly Pocket toy provided but it doesn’t seem to have to provided Polly’s choice of cosmetics. Now Lime Crime has developed Polly Pocket style like cosmetics so that you can be like Polly.

This retro 90’s style palettes provided by LimeCrime give the same color palette as the beloved toy. What does Lime Crime call this you would say? Oh yeah, pocket candy. How adorable is that?

This new line of products brings a fun fresh look while inviting the love of the past for all you pocket fans. I am sure Polly and others are tickled at the fact that this companies mission is to bring a cosmetic revolution, pushing the envelope for their clients to genuinely consider what cosmetics to purchase and how they will make you feel when you do.

This consciously healthy and animal friendly line of cosmetics has become no less than a cult favorite. Unless you want to term it something else that is what we are going with today.

This cosmetics company is making way for themselves through social and media spaces to become the product you will go to obtain the tools for your realm of free expression.

Polly had her pocket world, her car, her house and all her friends. This Pocket Candy or blast from the past, is a reminder of those days when you wanted to be like Polly.

Don’t forget that this brand doesn’t just offer pocket palettes, they also have other product lines to help you make best use of your pocket candy.

Try other products like Diamond Crushers, Unicorn Hair or Matte Velvetines. Make yourself into the person you want to be by just checking out their products. You may find a unicorn or some diamonds in the sky.

Why be boring, rebellious? Why not shake things up? Polly and I say to try it, what do you have to lose?

Retirement Expert, David Giertz, Explains How To Plan

It is no secret that far too many people delve into early retirement without a proper understanding of how they should and should not plan for it. This can lead to all kinds of complications in many areas of one’s financial life that would not occur to the minds of most people. This is why there are so many financial experts ready, willing and able to help and advise others on a suitable and pragmatic approach to retirement planning. As the old adage goes, If you are not planning, you are just planning to fail. With that out of the way, who then, should one look to for suitable and wise advice in this arena? Enter David Giertz.

David Luther Giertz, a industry veteran who has well over thirty years in total of financial advisory experience, has long been lauded as one of the most prominent and active members in the financial adviser industry. In a recent interview with financial news reporter, Stephanie Rees, Mr. Giertz laid out a couple of bits of financial wisdom for the best ways to look after one’s nest egg, what to do and what to definitely avoid.

The first thing which Mr. Giertz noted was that regardless of how much money any given individual makes, it is highly important not to become complacent because no one can ever know precisely how much they will need to cover all of the expenses of their total retirement. He also stated that no matter how good one’s retirement account happens to be, it – typically – will simply not be enough. What this means is a aging individual needs to look to other outlets to secure their finances. One of the best ancillary options to fill in this gap is a solid alternative investment.

Rocketship Education: A Leader in Learning

Rocketship Education, in the Bay Area of California, has over ten schools and six thousand students. California is the birthplace to these wonderful non-profit, public school system. These elementary schools, in neighborhoods with limited access to good schooling, meant for low-income families. Students that attend the Rocketship Education schooling are known as rocketeers, rather than students, are ahead of their peers, when entering middle school, in both Math and Reading, by at least one year, based on a three-year study.

Rocketship Education has Three Pillars to their success: Teachers and Leaders, Personalized Learning, and Engaged Parents. The three of these combined have shown to increase a rocketeers chance for extraordinary success.

Teachers and Leaders

The school provides training for the teachers as well as the students. They give them dedicating coaching, professional development, and a leadership program. All of these factors help the teachers and leaders to grow both professionally and personally to better help the rocketeers learn at the amazing rate. There is no special training times or meetings for the teachers and leaders, it is all part of a regular work day for them.

Personalized Learning

Every single rocketeer has their own unique instruction manual, because no one person is alike, not everyone learns alike. Rocketship Education combines traditional instructions, technology, tutoring, and learning at the rocketeers own pace. This helps to engage the students more, make them want to learn, and provides them everyone to learn the way that they learn.

Engaged Parents

This is a huge key to the success of Rocketship Education. Parents that are part of the child’s education are essential to them learning anything. Children watch every move their parents make, this is why it is so important to have parents engaged within a student’s learning.

Leadership at home would mean helping your child with homework, with reading, with math. Showing them how to manage running a household, making dinner, cleaning, etc. But most importantly being a positive role model for their little ones. Kids are such little sponges they learn from what they see.

Showing leadership within the school, such as meetings, planning school events, assisting the teacher, shows your little one that you are a part of their education. It shows them that you do want to them to succeed in life.

Also as important is your community involvement. Being active in the community, participating in school boards and standing up for students rights.

World-Class Dentistry Offered By Dr. Villanueva at MB2 Dental

Professional success is mostly determined by factors beyond one’s control. However, professionals in these modern times have learned to combine both entrepreneurial and professional skills. The successful integration of the two is known to bring forth incredible achievements and Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva attests to this fact. Nonetheless, this new initiative calls for extra attention, commitment, and dedication.

Chris runs a successful dental facility known as MB2 Dental. He is the Founder and the main practitioner in the reputable firm, and he strives to offer top-notch dentistry services to his patients. He has gained extensive experience having worked as a private practitioner and a corporate dentist. Before starting his private practice, he acquired the necessary skills and experience for excellent performance. Chris is passionate about his work, and he cannot allow negative energy to get in his way. He holds his work in the highest esteem and integrity to avoid jeopardizing his profession.

Having started out in the corporate sector, Dr. Villanueva identified a gap in the dental service sector. He noted that specialized assistance for these professionals was not sufficient and went ahead to establish MB2 Dental with the intention of supporting his fellow dental practitioners. To date, his firm is recognized for helping professionals from different states. Moreover, he has created employment opportunities for over 500 employees who are geared towards offering excellent services.

MB2 Dental was all about self-actualization for Dr. Villanueva. Having spanned a successful career in the corporate industry, he focused on expanding his practice to accommodate his personal needs. He wanted autonomy, personal growth, support and to have fun while at work. He concentrates on offering patients improved dental services, which ultimately lead to satisfaction of both the patient and the dental practitioner.

Achievements of MB2 Dental are attributed to its gifted staff. Dr. Villanueva admits that despite being the leader, he is not the smartest among his crew. He has brought in intelligent and dynamic minds that enhance performance. They have a set platform that aids them in showcasing their creativity, views, and ideas. This way, he is able to keep the firm afloat and running without stepping on anyone’s toes. He maintains that with the right personnel like those working in his firm, micromanagement is unnecessary since every individual executes his or her duty as expected.

Dr. Villanueva is an accommodating soul. He understands that each person has a role to play in this web of life and respects the diversity of the people and their duties. Besides, he insists that core values that improve patient experience and also empower other practitioners have been vital for his firm’s success.

Matthew Autterson – CEO and President of CNS BioScience

Matthew Autterson was born and brought up in Detroit, in the U.S. state of Michigan. He graduated from Brother Rice High School in 1975 and then went to study at Michigan State University, where he managed to successfully complete his academic Bachelor’s degree in Finances in 1975. From there, Matthew Autterson went on to the Denver Graduate Tax Program for his further studies. Currently, Mr. Matthew Autterrson serves at Falci Adaptive Biosystems as a member of the Board of Directors. Moreover, Matthew Autterrson is a charitable person. His philanthropic acts have led him to chair positions on the Board of the Denver Zoological Foundation. Also, he has held a position on Board of Directors of Denver Hospice as the chairman.

Matthew Autterson started his profession when he served for a branch Fiserv named First Trust Corporation. In 1982, he left the organization and teamed up with a small group to establish a new Colorado State chartered trust firm, a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, Inc. Integrated Resources, Inc is a financial services organization based in New York. Matthew later became the president of Colorado State chartered trust company in 1986. Broad, Inc. later acquired the company and its assets in 1989. Broad, Inc. later turned into SunAmerica, Inc. 1n 1998, SunAmerica, Inc was acquired for over $18 billion by AIG. AIG presently serves over 200,000 customers providing them with custodial and depository services.

Falci Adaptive Biosystems, as a lead in Colorado’s Business Community, represents Matthew Autterson’s endeavors in assisting with many years of positions in leadership to aid in taking part with the Board of the Denver Zoo. Autterson also demonstrated his charitable acts by participating as a member of World Presidents Organization and Young Presidents Organization.

Currently, Matthew Autterson has managed to earn a big name, serving at CNS BioScience’s on Board of Directors. He is also the acting Chief Executive Officer and President of CNS BioScience. The company was established by Scott Falci, M.D. in 2013. CNS BioScience is a drug development firm, still at a clinical stage, focusing largely on offering treatment services to patients suffering from neuropathic pain.

Matthew Autterson is a recognized figure due to his passionate activities of giving help to the business world and community. Mr. Autterson has used his expertise in estate planning and investment strategy to aid others to improve their business goals. Mr. Autterson has also advised many people when it comes to matters concerning managing their finance.


Neurocore Experts Provide Details That May Change Your Perspective About Depression

Depression is a common condition among Americans and can affect anyone regardless of their age. The good news though is that victims who seek treatment get fully remitted from the mental state. However, it is sad that approximately two-thirds of individuals who struggle with depression do not seek medical help because of stigma. Neurocore is a brain performance center that does its best to enlighten people on managing depression. As it is, depression is a treatable health condition just like any other and not a personal weakness as many wrongly perceive it. Since the ailment takes a toll on one’s body, the Neurocore experts guide the victims on how to contain the disease. The truth is that even the most severe depression cases are treatable.

Understand the Impact of Depression on an Individual

Depression does not have to show outwardly. Also, the probable causes are many, although people who have been through challenging life experiences are quite prone. As well, people whose families have a history of depression are likely to suffer from it at some point in life. Depressive disorders are of many types with the common ones being major depressive disorder, persistent depressive disorder, postpartum depression, and seasonal affective disorder. Every type has its characteristics and symptoms, which the victims should be careful to notice. Symptoms may not be obvious, but then there are the common ones to observe quickly. The common symptoms include instances of a continued sad feeling, emptiness, sadness, inconsistencies in sleep, among others.

Understanding the Position Held by Neurocore in the Healthcare Sector

Neurocore is a peer-driven brain training company. They are devoted to ensuring that children and adults alike are free from depression. A crucial thing that Neurocore experts understand is that depression is one of the principal causes of suicide, which is the second leading cause of death among young people. They have anxiety and depression programs that inform their interactions with patients. Basically, their primary role is to help people train their brains to achieve high goals, which, in return eliminates depression. From the WHO researchers’ desk, it is true that most disabled people between ages 15 and 44 are in that condition because of depression, implying that it requires so much funding.

For more information follow Neurocore on Facebook.

James Dondero’s selfless contribution to works of charity

As one of the richest and most influential people in Dallas, James Dondero prefers to take a low profile on the things that happen in his life. His influence and wealth are not used to describe him but his ability to give. In his works of charity, James Dondero does not do them for publicity, but he does them to support the things in which he believes. Having been born and brought up in Dallas, the millionaire has vowed to help any needy person who knocks on his door. He does not discriminate but believes in giving an equal opportunity to people who live in the state and beyond.
James Dondero’s belief in education
According to Dondero, education is the best way to ensure the growth of the society. Several people cannot raise their support to get a proper education. These students have a potential to make huge steps towards the development of the state and the country as a whole. In the bid to help these students, James has come up with a way of assisting them through school with a hope of giving back to the community. Currently, the commitment by the millionaire has received a lot of support from other donors who share the same sentiments.
The focus of his support
Several organizations and individuals have supported the works of James in giving back to the community among these donors are the Highland Capital Management that contributed $1 million towards the completion of the Family Place which is set to cost $16 million. The Dallas Zoo contributed $1 million towards the completion of special facilities needed for students with special needs. The presidential library started by George Bush equally contributed millions of dollars towards supporting the works of James Dondero.
The need for future leaders
Most of the students who benefit from such contributions are expected to give back to the community. The George Bush Presidential Library focuses on giving the students a chance to prove their leadership skills. James Dondero agrees with the conditions of the organizations since they pose challenges to the students. These challenges enable them to be more important people in the future.

Lime Crime’s Newest Scandal: Lawlessly Vivid Lip Color

There’s a new scandal in lip color. Literally. LimeCrime, the notoriously gorgeous web-based cosmetic line, has just released their newest shade of lip color, Scandal.

Scandal is one of many rich and luscious shades in their Velvetine lipstick line. It’s already selling fast and consumers are raving about how much they love the product.

The Velvetine Collection

Consumers looking for lavish, rich, long-lasting lip color may want to take a look at the Velvetine collection. This masterfully contrived liquid-to-matte formula does not disappoint. The entire line is formulated 100% vegan and Leaping Bunny certified, and comes in multiple rich and vivid hues.


Scandal is their newest color and has only just recently become available to the public. This deep purple-violet hue is like nothing you have ever seen before. It softly defines and emboldens lips for a criminally cute yet sophisticated look. If you are interested in creating some drama and depth in your daily makeup regime, Scandal may just be perfect for you. Scandal is also ideal for evening wear. It goes on satin smooth and lasts for hours. This color creates a sexy and refined look, while still being vivid enough to seem sensual and adorable. It says “love me, but don’t cross me.” This lipstick would pair beautifully with a bold black liner and a light shade of eyeshadow.

The Lime Crime Company

Lime Crime is based out of Los Angeles and has been taking the web by storm for the last few years. They believe makeup can be used as a form of self-expression, and try their best to give users as many options as possible. They have looks and colors to fit all skin-types and personalities. Visit to see more!

Tony Petrello’s Significance in the Society

Anthony Petrello is an American whose abilities are diversified in various fields. Anthony Petrello has dreams in different segments including law, business, and mathematics and charitable pioneering. Most of Tony’s successes are the products of his natural gifts, creative thinking, and consistent hard work. Additionally, Anthony Petrello works towards positively impacting his society especially in supporting organizations that attend to kids with neurological disorders. Anthony’s passion for achievements stems from his school life. Tony Petrello was regarded as a remarkable student in the various New York schools that he attended. He was mathematics pro while in high school. The University of Yale then recognized Tony’s Math’s capability and after that was awarded a scholarship to further his studies. While at the university, Tony was mentored and coached by Serge Lang, a professor, and a brilliant mathematician.

After school, Tony shifted professional interests and entered into Harvard Law School where he studied legitimacy. In 1979, Anthony Petrello began his career experience in a law firm by Baker & McKenzie. There, Mr. Petrello ran activities regarding business law particularly arbitration and taxation. After seven years, Tony’s work perfection propelled him to the firm’s managing partner at the New York division. Additionally, Anthony created many relevant connections with various prominent organizations. One of the biggest companies that Petrello influenced was Nabors Industries. Nabors is an organization whose specialty is in oil and natural gas drilling. The managers at Nabors Industries were impressed with Mr. Petrello’s diligence and analysis powers and thus initiated Anthony into their company.

Anthony served as Nabors’ Chief Operating Officer immediately he joined the company. He also participated in board meetings as well as in executive committees. After a year, Anthony was promoted to the firm’s President. Since his acquisition of Nabors’ management, Anthony Petrello has propelled the company to greater heights. Tony has significantly equipped Nabors Industries with sophisticated machines required to carry its operations including Grace Drilling. Besides managing Nabors, Anthony Petrello features in other organizations including Stewart & Stevenson and Hilcorp Energy Company.

The most outstanding attribute of Anthony Petrello is his philanthropies. He has consistently supported health agencies that advocate for the well-being of children with neurological disorders. Anthony’s philanthropic activities were encouraged by his daughter, Carena, who was born with a neurological condition. During her birth, Carena weighed 20 ounces and was affected by cerebral palsy. In Petrello’s opinion, children like Carena are supposed to be looked after and live a normal life like any other kid. Over his lifetime, Anthony Petrello has given away $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital. Also, he is a board member of the hospital’s board to supplement the institution’s welfare. Anthony Petrello’s achievements are inspiring.

About Anthony Petrello: