An Insight into Vinod Gupta CrunchBase

In particular, Vinod Gupta is a renowned entrepreneur who demonstrates a prolific commitment as well as dedication to the higher instruction. He is also the proponent of founders Vinod Gupta Foundation in 1997. It is through this foundation that Vinod advocated for advanced education to the whole society of India among other residents in the rural territories. Many have benefited from the foundation due to the sense that it has funded many educational programs across the globe. Educationally, Vinod has been accredited with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology that is situated in Kharagpuraf. Upon graduation in the year 1967, Gupta relocated to the United States to advance his studies. As such, Vinod Gupta achieved a Master’s Degree in the field of Engineering as well as Masters in Business Administration he acquired from the University of Nebraska.

In the year 1972, Vinod developedĀ theĀ  business research service that connects new technologies in offering in-depth analytics and information regarding clients as well as competition in the corporate world. He also served in the organization for a period of three and half decades as the CEO and the chairman of the organization where he left. Also, he went further and established the World Education Foundation. Contemporarily, Vinod Gupta owns an institution called Everest Group that places its central focus on the provision of the venture investment for numerous database technology startups and assist the struggling business organization to recuperate stability and also achieve success.

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