All You Need to Know About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe was born I Salt Lake City. She is 27-year-old woman. She is a holder of Bachelor of Arts from the Southern Methodist University. She has also worked in Tinder where she had the responsibility of selling the app. Whitney Wolfe is now the founder and CEO of Bumble, which has its headquarters in Austin.

Whitney Wolfe has seen a lot of success in the sector which has led her to be named by Forbes as 2017 30 under 30.she has also been appointed as Business Insiders 30 most important women under 30 in Technology adoption. Whitney Wolfe firm is associated with a dating app. The app is designed to have the women starting the chat and request for out from men. It works contrary to the norm where men are the ones known to start most talks. The Bumble app has over 11 million registered users. The high growth rate of about 65% per day has made Whitney Wolfe stand out as a known entrepreneur and a woman to watch in the future. She says that by has sight embarking mostly on the women it has filled the gap that existed in other social media sites where the women were mostly ignored.

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The Bumble app is a mobile app that is freely available with a high popularity. It ensures you make a date in an easy way .it also has some addition ads that make the app even friendlier to the users. The other advantages are that you only receive messages from your friends thus avoid the spam messaging. The app works best for the introverts who may find it hard to express themselves one. Unites far and near friends are making dating easier.

Statistics show that the rate of cases of abuse had fallen drastically with only 650 cases reported. Which signifies about 0.1% of all the app an interview with the women they were satisfied with the app and felt safer? The statics reveals that if all adopted the app, the many cases would be avoided.

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  1. Though I do not believe so much in this online dating system, many feel that they are assisted via this process. But honestly I strongly disagree. Now, for instance, if you want to make a grade miners with those you meet online, how do you know the through status of the person, the disability status and others, meanwhile, you have already developed a strong attachment with the person, on finding out this, emotional you will have crash.

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