A Model Of Success

Gene Wakeman has is credited as an investor, entrepreneur, and mentor among other things. Over the years he has all but personified what a successful businessman should be, and helped many others along the way.

Wakeman went to the University of Chicago to study economics. He then attended Scranton University to finish his bachelor’s degree and would later complete his masters of business administration back at Chicago University. Read more about his interview at Ideamensch.

The work definitely paid off, as he started a company called LaunchPad Holdings. LaunchPad is known as a “system as a service” type of business.

In addition to LaunchPad Wakeman also co-founded a venture called Nova Four, an LLP based out of Miami, Florida. Also worth mentioning is his time spent with GE and Doral Financial group.

Glen success wasn’t all learned though. He definitely had a keen knack for using curiosity to develop ideas into businesses. Glen Wakeman was known and respected for his unconventional approach to problem-solving as well. It’s an important skill that helped to make him such a great executive. View Glen Wakeman’s profile linkedin.com.

Wakeman’s skillset also includes his patent methodology that helps businesses enhance production in various areas of business fundamentals. In fact, Glen’s strategy is so effective that he’s handled companies that have easily exceeded billions of dollars in assets. Whether it be a new start-up seeking counsel, or a veteran company in a dry patch, he’s been there to lend a helping hand. Glen’s never been shy about assisting others with achieving their goals.

So surely you’d agree that Wakeman’s extensive work experience, and top-tier education and deep business acumen are almost second to none. And when you couple this with a hands-on fresh take on cultivating ideas and growing companies, there is no doubt as to why he’s been a mainstay in the business sector for so many years.

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