The dynamic legal system present in Brazil

Bruno Fagali is a reputable lawmaker who is specialised in many fields. Having acquired a degree in Administration Law, he has had the opportunity to change and affect the legal system present in Brazil. After completion of his studies, he has the chance to work with several law firms which added his working experience. Over the years he has grown to be a reliable and respected lawyer in the country.

He is one of the most transparent lawyers as he is straight-forward in all his actions. Fagali follows the law and works to ensure justice prevails in all the sectors present in Brazil. It is through his efforts and virtues that he has solved many difficult cases involving the public as many people trust his works. Moreover, he is specialised in many areas such as Administrative Law and Public law among others. At times he involves in integrity and transparency campaign to facilitate the flow of justice in public cases.

Besides, the opening of his law firm paved the way for Bruno to tackle legal cases even with more vigour and charge. The fact that he is specialised in many aspects of law makes him of benefit to the various organisations, the government and the public in general. Many have boosted their growth in corporate as he is known for his good corporate integrity services. Therefore, he is a lawyer with a difference.

The Brazilian government recognised the works he has done in which led to his appointment as the advertisement agent. The primary purpose of the government doing this was to gain more confidence and trust from the public as well as understand their needs and interest. Therefore, the government works to improve communication and trust and reliability as well. The transparency of the government has been enhanced due to working with trusted people like Fagali.

Bruno uses the social media as a channel to reach and interact with more people. Fagapress is the online platform where he gets to inform the public on the new occurrences and other necessary information mainly concerning the law. Therefore, many people get to know facts about the law and those in far regions get to connect with his law firm for legal assistance. The connection enables Bruno Fagali to communicate with the public and hear their views on various aspects and opinions on the things displayed on the platform. Those who share their problems are assisted on ways to follow and are observed till solutions are found.

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Milan Kordestani; CEO, Writer, and an Equestrian

Milan Kordestani is undoubtedly bringing change in his hometown. He is the founder and CEO of Milan farms which was established in 2015. Apart from running a farm, he is also a columnist for the Huffington post and an equestrian. At his age, he has achieved so much that none of his peers would have achieved by dedicating himself to the work that he does.

Early life

Milan Kordestani was raised up in California. They relocated to London, England after his parents separated. He eventually came back to Bay area in 2010 where he later graduated in 2017 from High school. He had a passion for horse raising which he started at a tender age of 10. Unfortunately, he had a hard time during the ride being thrown off a running horse. However, he was brave enough to face his fears and trained hard. In 2015 he won the first leg of the triple crown on his horse. In 2016 Milan became second in World Championships Horse Show and he broke the record at his age which he still holds up to now.

Milan Farms

Milan Kordestani decided to establish Milan Farm in 2015 while still in school. He saw a gap in the way the animals were being treated and chose to raise animals in a humane manner. The farm produces eggs, poultry, and saffron mint. The farm is connected with a series of other farms across the country to boost production. He broke ground by becoming the first to grow saffron using hydroponic on sponge instead of soil. Milan farm is one hundred percent organic which is an established model he decided to follow. Many people in his home area prefer his products for being produced without hidden methods thus upholding openness and integrity.

Milan farms have become popular and thus expanded to other 3 farms to satisfy the needs of his customers. These farms supply eggs in Colorado and West Coast. Apart from using organic methods, Milan also employs technology. Recently he started to do a research on how the production of saffron can be increased using the hydroponics and aquaponic environment. In conclusion, Milan Kordestani success is a proof that with dedication a lot can be achieved.

Ryan Seacrest’s Busy Lifestyle Still Allows for Consistent Fitness and Normalcy

Before Ryan Seacrest became a producer and got connected with the hit ABC reality show, American Idol, he was a DJ of the hit morning radio show for KIIS FM. He still remains the DJ and recently became the co-host of “Live With Kelly and Ryan.” He also has his own production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions. When he’s not busy with his “day” jobs, Ryan is heavily involved in his foundation. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was founded with a mission to help children, who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses, have an uplifting experience by becoming involved in the multimedia facilities that are created within several hospitals throughout the nation.

It is very unlikely to find Ryan not being busy in some form of his life; however, he always manages to find time to invest in staying fit. As a self-described “foodie,” Ryan really loves to eat. His guilty pleasure is pizza. As evidenced by his childhood when he was severely overweight, his food choices can sometimes be self-indulgence as opposed to being healthy.

It’s important to Ryan to get a workout at the gym with a personal trainer at least five hours a week. His routine is sporadic and that’s just how he likes it. He alternates between a circuit workout, a core workout, a stationary bike, or sit-ups and sprints. According to Ryan also likes to swim, although he admits that he usually gets tired after about 20 minutes.

Although Ryan also hosts the Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show every year, he is not good at keeping resolutions. However, he believes that a good resolution would be to have more meals at a dinner table, rather than out of plastic containers. Ryan’s typical breakfast meal consists of an egg-white omelet without butter. He says, for the last 10 years, the majority of his meals have been consumed from a plastic container.

It’s also important to Ryan to relax his mind, which is why there is a ping-pong table positioned right inside the front door of his home. It is not unusual for him to drop everything and to begin playing ping-pong just as he arrives home. His life is anything other than normal, but even for Ryan, that is a normal thing to do in order to stay grounded.

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Invest Wisely with Fortress Investment Group.

Every investor aims to have more returns on their investments. Investments are made with a lot of resources. Some scholars argue that for one to get more revenue from an income, they have to take many risks. According to them, it’s a form of diversification and a guarantee of some profit at the end of the financial period. When one takes many risks, some of them may end up yielding high returns, and that would compensate for others that generate less. However, a good investment must be based on the sufficient and reliable information. There are various sources where individuals can acquire the necessary investment information. Some of the most common sources today include the internet, magazines, training and exhibitions and professional advisors. Many people nowadays base their investment decisions on internet-sourced information, and sometimes it’s from untrusted sources. The information may end up being incorrect or outdated.

Scholars advise individuals to consult professional investment advisors as they have up to date information. Unlike in the past, the number of consultants has increased significantly. You can easily find one at a nearby urban center. As the business grows, it expands its level of operations and moves to more geographical regions with the aim of increasing their profitability. One of the most common trends in the business world is the acquisitions where a company buys out another company to expand its market size. The competition in the industry is reduced when fewer firms are left in operation. Competition is one of the main challenges a firm can face. Some are forced out of business due to stiff competition from the competitors.

Fortress Investment Group was recently acquired by SoftBank Group. The group became the owners of all the shares. The two groups met all the conditions set, and the acquisition was made successfully with mutual consent. Fortress Investment Group was to continue with operations but independently. The leadership of Fortress led by Mr. Briger was to remain intact. SoftBank was impressed by the various structures in Fortress Investment Group and decided that they would not change. The company specializes in various activities such as corporate mergers and acquisitions, operations management and capital markets.

Every firm that values and invests in its human resources is likely to perform better. Fortress Investment Group believes in that; the employees are proud of being part of the group. The company is actively involved in the training of its employees to ensure that they serve the clients in a better way. A firm that is customer-oriented has high customer retention rates. The company recognizes the need to take advantage of the power of the social media platforms which have become an essential part of marketing. The management comprises of individuals who have a long experience in various senior positions in multi-national firms. The administration has to be able to formulate effective policies that have been able to steer the company to its current position. The management acts as the image of the firm, a good team attracts more investors and boosts their confidence. SoftBank to Buy Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 Billion

NewswatchTV: the Recap and the Review

NewsWatch TV is a television show that airs Monday mornings at 7AM on the AMC and Ion networks. It is a consumer-based show that covers material of interest to the general public. The show reviews different products and gadgets, and covers political, celebrity and consumer news. They also convey public service announcements for viewers.

What makes NewswatchTV unique is that they ethically assist consumers AND businesses, while maintaining their loyalty to the viewers. They review products manufactured by major companies so consumers know what they are purchasing (or whether or not to purchase at all). This works very well for independent businesses also. NewswatchTV reviews independent companies, and shines the spotlight on these grassroots brands that normally would be overlooked by mainstream consumer and business shows. This, of course, brings attention to the product/service, and gains popularity with consumers (since they now know about it). It all then results in becoming a thriving business for an independent company.

Also, there are international companies that want to gain an American following, but need the marketing resource tool to target viewers. While NewswatchTV reviews products from well-known American brands, they also highlight products from international companies that would be very beneficial to the American consumer.

One of the reviews NewswatchTV has on its website is a review for an ergonomically beneficial workstation from a company named Countour Design. The review is quick (1 minute, 21 seconds), concise and to the point. The goal for Contour Design was to break into the American market. NewswatchTV’s video review did just that for them. The company’s Marketing Manager speaks of how the review reached 95 million new American households in 200 American markets, resulting in a major sales spike.

NewswatchTV can be seen on television or online. Stay informed and savvy with NewswatchTV!

Robert Diegman’s involvement in the technology industry

How Robert Diegnan’s Involvement In Technology Industry Readied Him For Success At ATS

Recently, Robert Diegnan’s brainchild company, ATS Digital Services became the first customer care company to receive the certification by AppSystem. This proves to the world that ATS system doesn’t just make their lives easier. It also affirms Robert’s statements that the app is safe for use. The certification marks the peak of Robert’s involvement in the technology industry. By this certification, Robert’s role in transforming lives through technology seems to have peaked. It has however been a long way coming and it would be interesting to learn how his previous engagements prepared the Advanced Tech Support (ATS) CEO and Co-founder to this success.

Robert’s interest in technology and entrepreneurship spiked during his college days and he set up his mind on working in this sector. The fact that he was pursuing an unrelated course, Degree in Business Administration at the time didn’t deter him from facing the industry head-on after his graduation from Purdue University in 1995. He had already witnessed the effectiveness of technology in making certain aspects of life easier and was dedicated to using this technology to further making more aspects of life even easier.

Three years into his career, Robert launched his first entrepreneurial project, Fanlink. While this startup was more of a trial business project, it introduced Robert to a new area of life that he has pursued ever since, Customer care. Fanlink turned Robert Diegnan’s attention to customer care and his interest in making providing a digital solution to common challenges experienced by the customer care departments. To a large extent, Fanlink laid the groundwork for Robert’s career in technology.

Gathering more experience in the field

In an attempt to gather more experience in technology while consolidating his knowledge of the subject, Robert Diegman settled for a position as the executive vice president of iS3 Inc. The company specialized in software development and was primarily inclined to solving the problem with digital security, computer support, and personalized but technical online support. The position and the knowledge gained here would, later on, serve as stepping stones to founding ATS digital systems.

Co-founding ATS systems

In 2011, Robert left employment to start ATS digital systems that specialize in customer care services. The business administration graduate would encompass integrate the different skills in security and technical support gained during years of employment to come up with easy to use, effective, and highly secure system. These services allow his company to offer customer services through text, over the phone, and even through remote access screens for technical support.