The Products PSI-Pay Has to Offer

PSI-Pay, the latest in a banking alternative, has rolled out numerous virtual and physical products that are taking the digital market by storm. This payment service is doing things differently, but some of the products are what many would consider traditional in the world of finance. PSI-Pay is also licensed by Mastercard to offer many of their products including prepaid and debit cards, credit cards, a contactless payment ring and more. Within these products are the travel cards, business cards and even payroll services. There is a lot being offered by PSI-Pay now, and there are more products set to be developed and released in the near future.

What makes these products different if they are being launched by PSI-Pay? The products can be utilized by the company’s partners in whatever fashion the partners need to use them. Whether partners want to offer cashback bonuses, or they offer something in exchange for the purchasing of their own products, these offerings are unique in that they are ideal for the business partners of PSI-Pay.

The goal of PSI-Pay was to remain as a banking alternative, rather than trying to beat the competition. The way that PSI-Pay works, makes it one of the best alternatives available today for those who understand how challenging traditional banking can be. Those who want to be part of a full sponsorship partnership can be non-financial partners. This means that travel benefits, spa benefits, and other benefits are a part of what PSI-Pay is offering to its audience. They can run their very own prepaid card or debit card program, kind of like a private label company if they choose.

Those who choose to be part of the regulation partnership program will also find that working with PSI-Pay on financial products is beneficial for their business. Even if their partners are not Mastercard members they can still be a part of the program. All they need in order to work with PSI-Pay is to obtain the proper authorization rights within the European Union. Holding consumer balances is ideal for any financial institution, but they are especially ideal in this case.

PSI-Pay is a part of the revolutionary changes in banking. The goal was to make the deposit and withdraw of funds easier and faster than any other option, with fewer fees. The company has been in business since 2007, and is offering services around the globe.

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Lori Senecal : Style that influences

Style is something that most people have. It is the way that we express ourselves to the world around us. Some people are so gifted that their style can be used to influence or create a sense of longing in others. That is the type of style that Lori Senecal has. Known for her very infectious personality the woman’s style is very much ingrained into pop culture and most people don’t even know it.

Lori Senecal is the CEO of CP+B. She is known her very deep knowledge of advertising and marketing. Her job is marketing some of the worlds largest brands and getting consumers to invest. She attended McGill University where she earned her degree. She was actually the president of Mccann Erickson where she helped huge brands like Xbox and Coca-Cola in their advertising departments. Lori compares advertisement to having great style and this philosophy seems to be true as she lead KBS as the executive chairman to fast growth and larger ventures. It is now a global agency with over 800 employees. Lori specializes in coming up with creative technology that solve business problems. She has an uncanny ability to come up with creative styles and to focus on a challenge until its completely done. She has worked with multiple brands such as: BMW, Victoria Secret, Boar’s Head, and even American Express. For more details visit media post.

Lori Senecal credits many things for her talent and mindset for business. Primarily her time as a coach for a high school and college helped her develop leadership skills. These skills carried over into her ability to lead people to certain brands. She learned how to express her self in a non-abrasive way. Overall, she believes working towards excellence and a sense of compassion is what is needed to lead a successful ad campaign. Additionally, her time as a coach helped her to master positive beliefs. Check out Inspirery to know more.

Lori credits her parents with helping her be so successful as well as her mentors. But the main thing that sets her apart is her ability to think clearly and with keen focus on her goals. She feels the moment her clients are satisfied are the moments that she is the most satisfied and this shows her love of her craft. Lori Senecal has mastered the art of leading with style and she has left her mark in the cultural subconscious. You can visit LinkedIn for more.

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Dr. Jennifer L. Walden: Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer L. Walden is a cosmetic plastic surgeon that has had her specialty for a few years now. Dr. Jennifer Walden specializes in a few different procedures regarding the areas that most people are concerned with in today’s modern world. The use of her cosmetic surgeries has given her the credentials to make her a world-renowned plastic surgeon in today’s world. She has been featured in different magazines and also TV shows such as VH1’s plastic surgery obsession and along with E!’s TV show Dr. 90210. While studying in New York and becoming an unattended surgeon in plastic surgery, she became a director at Manhattan eye, ear, and throat Hospital. Dr. Walden would continue her practice as she moved to participate as a clinical assistant professor in The University of Texas Southwestern Department of plastic surgery.

Dr. Walden’s procedures include face cosmetic surgery bringing out the wrinkles and Sun Lines within the skin. She also specializes in breast enlargements for shape or reconstruction. Involved with body reshaping surgery of removing fat from the surface she is willing to help men with hair restoration. One of the primary cosmetic surgeries to this date is the use of Laser Technology to reduce unwanted hair which she also uses in her practice. Along with all of these aesthetic advances that you can do to help rejuvenate your body, skincare is a primary offering of Dr. Walden’s choice which will help you achieve your goals. Providing injectables to fill or plump your lips she is also willing to work with wrinkles that you may want to get rid of as well. One of Dr. Walden specialties as a female plastic surgeon is the vaginal rejuvenation that she performs on her clients for a boost of self-confidence. We hope that you can visit Doctor Walden in her office located in Austin, Texas as of where she practices now to receive some of her fabulous beneficial cosmetics enhances.

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Academy of Art University Prepares Their Students For a Career in Art

Ten graduates from the University of Art Academy have recently had the opportunity to showcase their designs at the 21st runway showcase. New York Fashion Week is the place where designers can show off their collections. It is also where top names such as America’s Next Top Model’s Ms. J Alexander and Sara Kozlowski gather to appreciate the hard work of the students that attend the University.

The Academy of Art University is open to all who wish to attend and work hard and will help their students to develop their skills to the next level. They challenge their students to reach their full potential and foster creative learning.

Graduates such as Cana Klebanoff, Ryan Yu, Jelly Shan, Joanna Jadallah, and Saya Shen. The graduates come from all life experiences and from all over the world. They all have something different to contribute and are unique. They use different mediums, colors, and textures to replicates their experiences and feelings and present their very best at the annual runway showcase.

The designers featured on the runway used many different materials such as PVC, vinyl, vintage denim, and even recycled bike tires. They also experimented with contrast, varying materials such as lambskin leather, wool, and suiting fabric. They also incorporated feeling and life into their collections and dared to be different and bold. They were not afraid to showcase their emotions.

The Academy of Art University first opened its doors in 1929 and has been teaching its students ever since. The Academy helps their students to develop their talents as designers and encourages them to hold true to their individuality. Talented and experienced designers, scholars, and professionals are the primary teachers of students who attend the University.

The Academy teaches all aspects of art learning such as architecture, art history, fine arts, communications and media technologies, and, of course, fashion. They also tech game development, graphic design, illustration, and industrial design. They teach their material online as well as abroad and offer programs for those who wish to enhance their continuing education as well as those who wish to prepare for university.

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Vijay Eswaran: Helping People Find Prosperity Where Others See Lack

Success begins in the mind and is made manifest through a clear vision, a good plan and consistent, concerted effort. That is part of the business and personal philosophy of the fabulously successful network marketing company, the QI Group, co-founder and chairman Vijay Eswaran. Born and raised in austere circumstances in Penang, Malaysia, Eswaran has been able to seemingly draw power from the ether and make his dreams a reality. Rising up from his humble beginnings, Vijay Eswaran now runs a company which brings in over $800 million annually and he is considered one of the richest men in Asia.

Eswaran’s ability to generate that level of wealth is baffling to many people. But Eswaran explains that it is based on a simple principle that is as old as mankind himself. The secret is being able to see your success in your mind’s eye, embrace it as reality and work consistently to bring it into manifestation. Some people call it creative visualization, but the key to making that vision a reality is working consistently to make that burning desire to succeed take shape. Many people have heard Vijay Eswaran’s message and have been able to focus their thoughts and their energies and attain success themselves.

That is the principle Vijay Eswaran used in 1998 when he co-founded the QI Group. While many grumbled and were fearful because of Asia’s dire economic conditions, Eswaran and his team focused on the success of their mission. They could see millions of people buying, using and enjoying their products. They believed in the plan Vijay Eswaran had created and were committed to putting in the work necessary to make their shared vision of the QI Group’s success a reality. Working together and sharing their successes along the way, the QI Group was able to find prosperity where others saw lack.

Vijay Eswaran outlines the process for creating a clear vision of success, using fear as a motivating factor and making your dreams a reality in his books, articles and speeches. Countless people who have embraced Eswaran’s message have been empowered and become wildly successful.

Dr. David Samadi Is The Inventor The SMART Technique Who Looks To Make Prostate Cancer A Thing Of The Past

Dr. David Samadi is robotic prostate surgery expert who is also a board certified urologic oncologist. He has spent a good part of his life helping men to catch, diagnose, and treat prostate cancer and is known as one of the best in his industry. He serves Lenox Hill Hospital as its Chief of Robotic Surgery and is also its Chairman of Urology. He has helped more than 7,000 people through successful robotic prostate surgeries and 83% of his patients have regained sexual function. He has been featured on Forbes, Good Morning America, and Fox News Live, and is known to many as the “celebrity doctor” who cares deeply about the patients he serves.

Dr. David Samadi has worked very hard to solve one of the largest problems with prostate cancer, and that is to be able to detect it when it has no symptoms in its early stages. He promotes testing for the disease, because 9 out of 10 patients who catch it early-on will be able to cure it. A simple blood test is enough to discover the early signs of prostate cancer, and Samadi urges men to get tested before they reach the age of 60. He performs close to 15 prostate cancer surgeries every week and has plenty of experience treating the disease through the use of robotic laparoscopic prostate surgery. He strongly believes that this kind of surgery is the future and that it will become more and more advanced over the years.

Dr. David Samadi created the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment, also known as SMART, and he has performed over 6,000 prostate cancer surgeries using the system. Close to 9 out of 10 of the recipients of the surgery are now cancer free, and he created SMART to replace open surgery. The Da Vinci surgical system is the most up-to-date, cutting edge tool that helps doctors to avoid the kinds of issues that can occur during prostate cancer surgery. The Da Vinci system makes much smaller incisions and avoids damaging the prostate nerves that so many other surgeries do not. Some of the positive benefits of avoiding damage to these nerves are that men retain their sexual function along with their bladder control.

Dr. David Samadi hopes that new and innovative robotic surgery techniques will become a normal part of medical treatment in the future, and he is certain that his SMART surgery will be among those that are used for quite some time.

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Real Luxury? Real Affordability? There’s Only The RealReal

The RealReal’s director of marketing, Allison Sommer, confirms 2018 is a year of in-store experiences for them. While in Miami, Sommer talked about how pop-ups made their brand official yet, humble especially because they formerly were exclusive to the online world.

In 2016, the RealReal’s pop-up in New York City brought in $2 million; which led to the Soho opening in late November. Hence, due to preceding successful pop-ups, throughout 2018 one can expect more from The RealReal! Consequently, their in-store purchases average values 6 times than online purchases, nevertheless the company has seen a 500% increase year-to-year from online customers.

The RealReal’s goal is to introduce their company to new locations like Las Vegas. Moreover, with each pop-up they plan to make it an unique experience (“How to Value a Diamond” and “The History of Chanel”) for consumers. In addition, they take pride in their employees by looking for store associates with former work history.

Even with good friendly competition from companies like Vestiaire Collective and ThredUp, The RealReal has 7 million international members consisting of sellers and buyers. Thus, according to Sommer above everything the company wants to promote that there’s variety for everyone at their store.

With a company that started from internet basis to expanding to in-person sells, media is a major key factor. Social media is an imperative form of communication/networking and The RealReal company uses it to their advantages. They have over 10K followers on Twitter and over 8K tweets and on their Instagram, they have over 100K followers and over 3K posts. Their accounts are regularly updated and promotes sales/events with time, date, and location for followers to easily become aware of the latest within their company. Also, by networking they show correlations with brands that represent their company as well as their audience. Through Twitter they tag celebrities: Stella McCartney, Khloe Kardashian, Jessica McFadden etc., and on Instagram they hashtag the brands of the displayed products. Lastly, they use both medias to do contests/giveaways for their followers and who doesn’t like free luxury items!

OSI, Food Service Giant, Makes Business News

OSI Food Service Giants; Lead Food Service Group

Thousands of OSI Industries customers have been fond of the all-natural diet their being fed; under the strict guidelines set forth by the FDA and international food laws. You can trust your diet to OSI because they current process food that is in thousands of grocers, supermarkets, and restaurants. You can choose from a great OSI diet to feed your entire family an organic meal with its contents and where their ingredients come from listed on their website. The popular OSI Industries Food Group is familiar for being a household food service group.

Who Is The OSI Industries Food Group Key Executive

The current president of OSI Industries is also successful business partner serving the needs of several impoverished communities they serve. Their CEO, David A. McDonald was one of the first to reach out with a initiative program to create jobs along with other key executives. He is also the recent recipient of the 2017 Global Visionary Awards for his efforts. He continues to lend his leadership skills to the creation of jobs worldwide in an effort to help thousands of adults sustain their families.

Recent News About OSI

OSI Industries has been able to be one of the largest food service competitors among many other big name food contains some if the finest ingredients all-natural ingredients without byproducts. They have also been interested in bridging the gap between quality and quantity. Many people are already eating from their diet and continue to be loyal. They how decided to acquire the Dutch food industry to take part in processing food from Baho forms by becoming a processing partner. India will also have an opportunity to market OSI organic vegetables to further extend their business portfolio.

Choose the OSI food group if, you’re interested in a unique job opportunity. Thousands of customers have been able to pioneer their food services from one of their 55 facilities in over 55 countries that stretches across 16 countries. Take part in a position that leaves plenty room for growth. Your job can be just what you’ve been searching for to feel like you have an input in the treasure of food safety. You can wake up every day knowing you have put a safe and nutritious meal on the table or in a restaurant. Join the popular food services web portal tab for details.

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Sahm Adrangi: Managing The ‘Hedges’

Sahm Adrangi is anything but your typical hedge fund manager. Adrangi is the individual behind Kerrisdale Capital (KC). Kerrisdale Capital is a source of financial support for scientific research.

More specifically, Kerrisdale Capital provides funding in the fields of biotechnology and aviation. As this piece goes to press, approximately 50 investments have already been finalized. Those interested in reviewing all the specific details concerning all of the above-mentioned investments need only navigate to the official Kerrisdale website. View Sahm Adrangi at

Sahm Adrangi is totally dedicated to both honesty and transparency. Adrangi and the official Kerrisdale Capital website are reported to provide interested investors with continued inspiration. Adrangi was originally employed in the field of credit and finance and he gained a lot of real-world experience working with both distressed debt and hedge funds.


Sahm Adrangi is at present employed as the chief investment officer (CIO). Reputed to be a “hands-on” manager, he supervises every single aspect of the organization’s operations. In addition, he handles the firm’s portfolio of investments.

He founded KC back in 2009. It all began with under $1 million in start-up funds. Under Adrangi’s expert nursing, the initial fund eventually grew into approximately $150 by the summer of 2017. While serving as the CIO, Sahm Adrangi published his own personal research and also made other additional investments.


Short Sales

Adrangi’s organization has reportedly made many investments in the area of short sales. He also made some investments in a few Chinese-owned businesses. He did so because he thinks of China as a source of noteworthy economic growth. That’s why he shorted businesses like the China Marine Food Group which was once fraudulent. Companies such as that one were spotlighted by the SEC for enforcement of securities laws.

Developing Significant Expertise In Biotechnology

Adrangi is additionally now focusing on the further development of his knowledge of other specific areas. Kerrisdale Capital continues to place a strong focus on the field of biotechnology and a significant involvement with providing capital for a venture. Sahm Adrangi professional career and his company have greatly benefited from exposure to this industry. More details on Sahm Adrangi at

Richard Blairs Three Pillar Approach on Investments

Richard Blair is a highly acclaimed investment advisor in Texas, especially in the Austin area. He and his investment advisory firm, Wealth Solutions, have been playing a crucial role in generating high-quality wealth for the people of Texas for the last few decades. Interestingly, his firm is working as an RIA or Registered Investment Advisory company. Blair says that everyone should have some sort of solid investment plans to achieve their financial goals. He identified helping the people of Austin as his responsibility and started wealth management and retirement planning services for them.

The company has designed a unique financial planning process to serve all its customers effectively. The holistic three-pillar approach is catering the needs of the wealth and retirement needs of the customers by quickly identifying their financial condition. While coming to pillar 1, the designing of the financial roadmap of the client is taking place by understanding their goals, strengths, growth opportunities, and risk tolerance. In pillar 2, a long-term strategy is developed to meet the investment requirements of the clients after concluding their liquidity requirements and investment goals. Here, Blair personally takes care the funds and manages the portfolio with a focus on ensuring maximum performance.

In pillar 3, after implementing the financial plan for the client, Richard Blair focuses on their insurance needs by considering the annuity, life insurance, and long-term care requirements. Blair often says that his interest to help individuals and families began with his family background. Both his grandmother as well as mother were teachers with the dedication to share their knowledge. Blair confirms that people earn confidence and advance their knowledge while choosing to teach as a profession. Clubbed with his love towards finance, he decided to choose financial services industry as his domain to serve people in and around Austin.

Richard Blair established the investment advisory firm in 1994, and he ensured that it is offering unbiased and independent advice to its customers. Blair has expert knowledge in retirement planning and offers unique and individualized services. He is also focused on various risk factors in the investment sector and carefully analyses such factors to set financial plans that can offer minimalized risk to his customers. In order to sharpen his skills and knowledge in the financial industry, Blair completed a number of professional certifications including CES, CFS, RICP, and CAS. He earned his graduation in Finance from the University of Houston and collaborated with some financial firms in the initial year of his career.