Dr. Rod Rohrich to Attend Multiple Conferences on Plastic Surgery

Rod J. Rohrich, a plastic surgeon, and Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center is an internationally renowned specialist in his field. He is reputed to have an artistic skill through which he restores youthfulness to the face and body of his patients. He is regarded as one of the country’s best plastic surgeons. In early 2018, Dr. Rohrich is scheduled to attend three conferences, two of which he is also helping organize.

The 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium is being held on Feb. 8-10 in Miami. The symposium aims to reflect the evolution of cosmetic surgery. The conference can be traced back to 1967, when the innovators of cosmetic surgery, Thomas D. Rees, and Salvador Castanares were invited by Thomas Baker to perform live surgeries so that the medical community could learn from their expertise. 50 years later, the symposium is the biggest live surgery symposia in the country which also hosts lectures by international plastic surgeons from all over the world. Dr. Rohrich will be moderating two panels in the conference and participating in a panel discussion as well.

Dr. Rohrich will also be attending the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting and the 35th Annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting. He has organized both the meetings and will be presiding over the discussions. The meetings will be held on Feb. 28-March 1 and March 2-3, respectively.

The Cosmetic Medicine Meeting will be attended by internationally renowned faculty that will present on the recent innovations in skin tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, lasers, dermal fillers and noninvasive fat removal. The meeting will also discuss the latest trends in cosmetic surgery. The meeting will also offer workshop on new techniques in cosmetic surgery.

The Rhinoplasty Meeting will gather the leaders in Rhinoplasty from all over the world for a discussion on common rhinoplasty problems and recent innovations in rhinoplasty. Lectures will cover nasal anatomy, analysis of the nose and different rhinoplasty deformities.

Dr. Rohrich has been involved in the field of medicine for over two decades. He has held the post of chairman within the AMA (American Medical Association) and chaired more than 100 international and national panels on plastic surgery. He has delivered 1500 talks all over the country in important symposiums and workshops. He has received many prestigious research and teaching awards for his brilliant academic career. He holds a patent on a breast implant and is the Editor-in-Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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Joy: A Very Important Aspect to Vijay Eswaran’s Success

One of the common things that people hear is that they should enjoy the journey towards their goals. After all, people that do not enjoy their journey are going to be faced with a lot of challenges that may cause them to ultimately give up.

Also, when it comes to business, people who enjoy their journey are more likely to attract customers than those who do not enjoy their journey. There is a kind of magnetism that attracts people to the company that is built with joy. When people see that there is a lot of joy in the company, then they are going to be inclined to do business with the company.

Vijay Eswaran himself understands the importance of enjoying what one is doing. This world is changing from the world where people suffer through the jobs they don’t like so that they can make money.

Income is starting to become more of a secondary reason to work. People are focusing more on what they enjoy because the internet has made it so much easier for people to make money doing what they enjoy.

Therefore, people have very little room for excuses. Ideamench believes that Vijay Eswaran has also seen that it is possible for people to make and save money without having to work a regular job.

Vijay has a lot of insights that he writes about in his books and articles. Among the things he talks about is change. He does not just write cliched sayings that people have heard over and over. He has also experienced the type of life that he writes about.

This is one of the reasons that he has written stuff that is worth looking into. He write from his own experience. He also makes sure that his advice can be backed up with evidence.

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Eric Lefkosky and Tempus are changing lives

Cancer has become so prevalent among patients in the international community. According to a recent survey, more than 40 percent of the adults living in the United States are at a risk of getting a cancer diagnosis at one point in their lives. The study shows that everyone in this country knows of someone who has been battling the cancer disease. In the year 2014, more than fourteen million Americans were living with the terrible disease. By the year 2024, this figure is expected to have gone up to nineteen million. With companies like Tempus, however, this prognosis will be better. The organization is working hard to make advancements in this industry so that people can stop losing their lives.

Tempus was brought into the market by a businessman known as Eric Lefkosky. The businessman is known to many as the founder of a large institution known as Groupon. The popular company is considered to be among the most successful in the United States. Eric has earned a lot of wealth as the founder of Groupon, and he has been using his wealth to assist needy communities in the society. Eric is very passionate about helping communities in the world, and this has driven him to make an impact on cancer patients in the nation.

The medical department has been in the limelight in the recent times. Currently, there have been lots of news about the introduction of electronic health records, making everyone believe that the modern technology has been embraced in this department. This, however, has not been the case. There are still more advancements needed so that people can get the right cure for the medical condition. Several years ago, Eric’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was the first time the businessman was coming close to the form of cancer treatments available in the society. The businessman realized that a lot of holes existed in the field of digital technology and data collection. Despite the vast amounts of data collected from patients and the form of treatment used, there wasn’t any compelling or streamlined way to make it useful. The businessman chose to start an organization known as Tempus to bring the advancements needed.



Jeffry Schneider Encourages Leaders to Be Articulate and Visionary

The CEO and founder of an organization is a man who wears many hats. Jeffry Schneider has more than 20 years of experience in his industry. Jeffry Schneider attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and went on to work for leading institutions. It is through his managerial positions that he mastered important skills to help him lead the pack. Jeffry, a Manhattan native has gone ahead to create an unique outfit. Having served in top-level managerial positions, Jeffry’s leadership skills teach several lessons.

One of the key differences between his organization and others in the same field is leadership. Successful organizations need insightful leaders who can articulate their vision and align their teams to meet various objectives. Commitment is an important element of leadership that must be kept close to a leader of any team. Commitment has several facets including sticking to agreements, cultivating the will to take various actions, utilizing organization resources and interests for the sake of a certain goal and so on. Promises made to employees, for instance, can easily be overlooked or by-passed. It takes commitment to see to it that they are fulfilled.

Communication is also a major anchor of leadership. The ability to explain issues of importance to stakeholders is an important aspect of leadership. In challenging times especially, leaders must step-up their ability to explain the situation at hand and demonstrate that they are in control of the situation. Where leaders seek silence on such matters, questions linger, and the confidence of those under them is significantly impacted.

Leaders are looked up to for motivation by those who are under them. In other words, the ability of leaders to empower others plays a vital role in the development of individuals and organizations. When a leader empowers their team effectively, they help the team to be more proactive, result oriented, responsive to clients and more.  The ultimate result is that employees feel more satisfied with their jobs and deliver more.

In his capacity as an organizational leader, Jeffry Schneider has demonstrated these skills and more. With an almost overcrowded schedule throughout the year, Jeffry travels between several cities to meet clients and fulfill other business obligations.

Jeffry has been feted as an innovative leader using unique approaches to manage his engagements successfully. With an extensive list of educational, marketing and sales solutions, Jeffry Schneider focuses on the satisfaction of his clients.

However, Jeffry is not a man about business alone; he also engages in a lot of philanthropic work. Among them is the Gazelle Foundation, Cherokee Home for Children and Wonders and Worries.

The commitment and vision that Jeffry has laid as the foundation for his company are essential catalysts in fulfilling his ambitions. One of his simple yet effective approaches is ensuring that meetings are meaningful and fruitful. He encourages leaders to stick to the points, attend meetings with an objective and create actionable deliverables for participants.

Nick Vertucci: From Rags to Riches & Beyond

Nick Vertucci is the founder/owner of the Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. This is a real estate investing solution firm. With him being a proven master in the real estate investing field, he started his NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA). The NV Real Estate Academy has tons of resources ranging from active investing to educating. Nick Vertucci promised himself that he would teach others how to make massive cash amounts, become debt free, and for radical transformation in their family’s financial legacy permanently. Vertucci has also shown to be committed to helping others who have the drive and desire but not the know-how. He is now offering an NVREA workshop for free where ones who want can register on his site for free.

His Story

Vertucci believes in the philosophy that one’s past doesn’t dictate his/her future. Even though he grew up in a loving family, Nick Vertucci went through some ups and downs. For one, his father passed away when he was 10 leaving his mother to work long hours to support him and his siblings. At age 18, Nick Vertucci lived in his van. A few years later, he started an e-commerce business selling computer parts. However, this business went under when the dotcom crash came in 2000. For approximately 18 months at that point, his survival instincts had to emerge once again to deal with little to no income. During this time, he also attended a real estate training seminar that lasted for three days. He started to rebuild his life by working through real estate and invented his own system. And since his enormous success, he decided to help others to do well in real estate.


Through it all, Nick Vertucci persevered and came up on top. And now he is unselfish wanting others to succeed in his industry by giving others tricks of the trade.

Fabletics Embraces New Digital Trends

Fabletics is a modern fashion brand. Founded with technology a part of its DNA, Fabletics uses all the latest marketing trends to succeed. For a start, Fabletics is an activewear brand; activewear is one of the most dominated markets in fashion. Finding success in that market isn’t easy.

Over the last four years, Fabletics grew more than 200 percent, generating over $250 million in revenue a year now. Last year, their sales increased again by 43 percent. A lot went into making Fabletics successful, but it’s nothing compared to the company’s personal mission.

That mission was laid out by Kate Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics. She wanted to create a brand that would inspire women to embrace a healthier lifestyle. That’s why it’s so important that her brand creates lines for all sizes and ages of women. That includes plus-size women, who most fashion brands leave out of the design process.

It takes a lot more work to design something for all women, but it’s worth it, in the end, to see them smile. By using fashion, Hudson hopes that women will have the energy to take their first step toward an active, healthy lifestyle. So far, it seems to be working.

People responded well to Fabletics’ new strategies. Using data is something that a lot of companies do, but none of them do the same way Fabletics does. More accurate, none of them do it the way that Kate Hudson does it. She goes over sales numbers every week. If a product isn’t selling like she thinks it should, it’s taken down immediately.

One advantage to having a celebrity being a part of the company is an online presence. One Tweet from Hudson and millions of people know about a new product. Fabletics’ use of technology also places them ahead of the competition.

That online presence is supported by the online reputation given to the brand by millions of reviewers. Over the years, online reviews have become a part of people’s purchase decisions. Reviews are more honest and beneficial to consumers than traditional advertising and marketing.

There are even sites specifically for review research and posts. Companies like Yelp and Trustpilot allow regular people to share their opinions of businesses with the whole world. As a result, companies are more transparent and customer focused, which is what they should be anyway.

Admirable Character of Todd Lubar That Makes Him Successful

Todd Lubar is the vice president of Legendary Investment and the president of TDL Global Ventures, LL. As a businessman and an entrepreneur who has worked in the real industry for more than twenty years, Lubar has assisted other people to achieve their dreams of owning homes. For many years Todd has featured in the top 25 mortgage inventors. Apart from real estate industry, Todd Lubar has worked in several sectors such as banking, the entertainment industry, mortgage and the construction industry.

After working for twenty years in the credit and finance sector, Todd Lubar realized that he needed to assist other people to reach their dreams. To fulfill this desire, he looked for a way of getting rid of the obstacles that hinder people from getting loans. So he came up with a consumer program that gives them want they desire.  Check out Ideamensch to see more.

According to Patch, to actualize an idea Todd believes that one must have the will. He thinks that where there is a will, there is usually a way. Most people in business typically have ideas, but they fail to bring fruits for lack of will. His will together with his experience in real estate made him work well in the mortgage banking and still venture in his TDL. One thing that excites him is the development of the technology. For instance, he is so excited that he can monitor and control his fans, accounts, and lights by just touching button. He can also watch his home from his phone since he has many security cameras that set in his house.

As a businessman, Mr. Lubar admits that the one practice that makes him productive is getting organized and monitoring every aspect of his business. By knowing what is happening at each stage of his business, it makes him make decisions that are informed. As he worked in a grocery store during his high school, Todd learned the importance of working hard and the value of money.

Currently, Todd lives in Bethesda Maryland together with his two beautiful children. Some of the things that he loves is traveling and spending time with his two children. His goal is to continue improving himself every day.

Trabuco, The Mighty War Machine

The Trabuco was a fearsome siege machine that has been used throughout human history, specifically in the Middle Ages. The weapon was simple, especially compared to modern day artillery, yet they were extremely effective. Based off the same concept of the simple sling, the Trabuco evolved from that basic idea by adding a lever and a counterweight.

These additions made the Trabuco easier to use and greatly increased the force of it’s thrown projectile. A ordinary sling could throw a small pebble hard enough to bruise or maybe even draw blood. The projectiles of one of these large machines could bring down the massive stone walls that protected cities from attack or reliably attack targets that those walls protected. Some of them could throw a boulder, or a variety of different types and sizes of projectiles, at high speed at a target up to eight hundred meters away. This was a stark improvement over similar war machines, like the catapult.

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These siege machines first entered the historical record in the Middle East, but they spread throughout Europe and Asia according to priberam.pt. It changed how war was fought, and what was achievable through military conflict. There are plenty of historical stories about how, when a civilization first encountered them, such as the Chinese, they were shocked by the damage these weapons were able to inflict upon their once strong defenses.

However, the Trabuco had it’s problems. These war machines required a lot of resources to build, along with needing a lot of time to actually build. Only the wealthiest of armies could reliably use these siege machines in battle. Compared to earlier siege machines, they also required a large crew. Finally, another common problem was a lack of mobility. The Trabuco could not easily be moved, and often had to be dismantled and rebuilt at a new location.

These problems, though, did not stop the Trabuco from having a long military history and they were used throughout the Middle Ages according to infopedia.pt. They were used until the spread of gunpowder made them obsolete. Cannons and other artillery pieces were more simple and more effective.

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Dr. Cameron Clokie: Revolutionizing the Bone Reconstruction Surgery in Canada

Reconstructive surgery is a medical procedure that restores the body to its previous condition and structure after experiencing severe damages. In Canada, Dr. Cameron Clokie is making news because of his latest discovery about the procedure. He specializes in reconstructive surgery, and he has significant contributions in the field of the said medical procedure. Aside from working as a surgeon, Dr. Cameron Clokie is also working as a businessman and an entrepreneur. He serves as the present CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., a medical and technological company focusing on medical procedures such as skeletal reconstruction and regenerative medicine. Dr. Cameron Clokie stated that by working in the sector of reconstructive surgery and regenerative medicine, he could change the lives of thousands of people.

Dr. Cameron Clokie shared how grateful he is working for Induce Biologics Inc. The Canadian medical and technological company is based in the city of Toronto, Ontario, and they are revolutionizing the procedures vital to reconstructive surgery and regenerative medicine. Currently, the company is developing and testing bio-implants that can be used in the future for the regeneration of broken or damaged bones. Induce Biologics Inc. has already developed a prototype, called URIST, which is a bone implant that contains substances vital to bone regeneration called the bone morphogenetic protein. URIST would deliver the material into the bone, and over time, the bones would start to produce new bone cells that will reconstruct and regenerate the damaged ones. This technology developed by Induce Biologics Inc. is more cost-effective compared to other procedures that are available in the market today because they are only using small doses of bone morphogenetic protein. Other processes which use high doses of bone morphogenetic protein might also cause harmful side effects, and it has been proven through research and studies.

Dr. Cameron Clokie encourages people who have suffered severe bone damages in the past to visit his clinic for assessment. He would like to check them and see how their bones transformed, and then he would also use the latest technology from his company to treat them and restore them to their previous conditions. There are already a handful of people from Canada who seek the treatment procedure developed by Dr. Cameron Clokie, and they are satisfied with the results.