Omar Yunes and His Path to Worldwide Dominance

Yunes won the best franchisee of the world competition in 2015. The competition took place in Florence, Italy. It featured contestants from many countries. There were representatives from Italy, Argentina, Hungary, and Brazil who were all contesting for the award. Yunes has 13 franchise units all over Mexico in cities such as Veracruz and Puebla. He has close to 500 employees working in different positions in the units. He collectively owns ten percent of the units that are owned by Sushi Itto. This makes him a major stakeholder in the business of the brand.

Yunes said that he was very proud to receive the prestigious award. He was the only representative from all his units. He took the opportunity to thank his employees for their excellent service. Each franchisee was rated on the basis of the effect on the whole network of franchises. Other aspects that were considered include the improvements to the brand, cost savings, and the morale of the employees. Omar Yunes won the award because of how he had redefined the collaboration between the different units. He had developed a system that allowed him to manage the information and to come up with control boards. This helped him to measure the overall performance of each unit.

Benjamin Cancelmo is the CEO of Sushi Itto. He congratulated Yunes for the win. He said that the brand and the franchisees were working together to offer unique hospitality and excellent service. Diego Elizarraras is the organizer of the Mexican edition of BFW. He was pleased with the result and said that it showed progress. He pointed out that it was a change from the days when Mexican franchises were competing on the regional level. Omar Yunes is a prolific businessman and real estate investor from Mexico. He opened his first franchise when he was twenty-one years old. Yunes owns several properties in Mexico. He has a condominium building in New York City. He is the founder of several companies that manage his business interests. Yunes has made a name for himself because of his management skills and his business acumen.

Learn How To Host Wine Tasting Parties Like A Pro With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling company wines and spirits. It empowers associates to sell wines through tasting parties in their homes. A wine tasting party is a simple way to enjoy time with friends conveniently from the comfort of your home. There are a few things to consider when planning to host a wine tasting party.

Choose a theme and select your wine samples based on the theme topic. Provide limited selections and don’t hesitate to switch up the brands a little. For example, offer pricey famous brands against little-known and inexpensive options. Provide appropriate snacks such as plain bread sticks and cocktails. This ensures guests can refresh their palates in between samples.

Have your supplies ready in addition to the bottles of wine. These may include the correct glasses, table dressing, and appliances to take in the wet waste expected from the tasting. Create an ambiance that is conducive to the senses using aids such as candles, music, specific foods, reference guides or photographs. Prepare the wine to make sure it is at its optimum flavor point. Set the table and ensure each member of your wine tasting party has easy access to the items they require including pads or recorders for taking notes.

Engage your guests and guide the conversation. Serve the samples and highlight the elements of the wine to discuss. Show them how to swirl the glass with wine, smell, whiff, and taste it. Exchange opinions and allow a short break in between the different samples. Highlight the popular tasting brands. Nurture discussions on the best wine pairing options with foods.

You can make money by hosting wine tasting parties for the Traveling Vineyard. You obtain starter kits, online training programs and local mentors. The company trains you to become a wine guide. Guests and colleagues can order the wines they liked from the winery presented, and you receive a commission on the purchases. You can visit the famous Napa Valley as a Traveling Vineyard wine guide to learn more about wine culture.

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Besides wine, the Napa Valley offers other fascinating sights to enrich your wine culture. It includes attractions such as an art walk and a historical society. You can also tour olive farms, a cooking school and recreational spas and parks. The trip will empower you with useful information about wines and wine culture. This will enable you to host wine tasting parties like a pro.

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Jim Tananbaum

When it comes to the world of investing, health care and any other type of business, it is important to have quality leadership in place. There are a lot of different business professionals who have left their mark on these fields, due to the fact that they continuously set the bar in terms of their industries.

In terms of professionals who leave their mark, Jim Tananbaum continuously moves forward and provides treatments for patients. In terms of his professional life, Tananbaum is the founder of Foresite Capital. This is an equity firm that works to build capital and exchange information through networking. One of the greatest investments that they have made in the healthcare industry is Intarcia, which is an implant for type II diabetes, which is applied two times every year. By investing in this level of healthcare, Jim Tananbaum can have a tremendous effect on the healthcare industry by its treating diabetes in a similar way that IUDs were used for birth control.

In a report by Researchgate, this is a tremendous benefit to the medical field and is set to hit the market before the end of the year. This is a device that is able to provide treatments for millions of patients everywhere around the world.

These sorts of advancements are incredible in the healthcare industry, because they are very important in creating new treatments. The healthcare industry, perhaps more than any other industry, is one that takes a tremendous amount of money for change to happen. This is a multibillion dollar industry and diabetes has reached epidemic proportions. Because of this, you need to make sure that you learn more about the launch of this product, if you happen to be a patient who is living with diabetes.

Consider this information in order to learn a bit more about Jim Tananbaum. In terms of education, he has his medical degree from Harvard medical school and has also received a Master’s in business from Harvard as well. His Bachelor’s degree is from Yale University and Jim Tananbaum has served on a number of boards, and is also heavily involved in the community and the industry as a whole.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

It is a story that could have come straight out of a country run by a dictator, or some other form of fascism. Two people are relaxing in their respective homes in the evening, then unmarked vans with tinted windows pull up to their houses, and out jumps men who go on to take them away and put them in prison without going through proper procedures.

For those still wondering where this happened, they may be shocked to know it happened in none other than Phoenix, Arizona! This happened back in 2007 and the two victims were Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The village voice

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, publications based in Phoenix, Arizona. They have a history of keeping an eye on law enforcement through these media outlets, especially the Sheriff’s office in Maricopa County.

If the name Maricopa County rings a bell, then it’s likely people have heard about this county for all the wrong reasons. This is the infamous county where the sheriff’s department was headed by a colorful character named Joe Arpaio. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

He went on to gain notoriety by calling himself the “toughest sheriff in the country”. One of the reasons why he called himself that is because of his tough stance on illegal immigration. Some would argue that not only was his methods illegal, but he practiced racial profiling to do his job.

Mr. Larkin and Mr. Lacey through Village Voice Media were not shy about exposing Sheriff Arpaio’s lack of discretion. In fact, the two have been doing so since the early 1990’s, exposing all sorts of misdeeds of the sheriff and his department.

Finally, things came to a head when Sheriff Arpaio decided to take justice into his own hands by having Mr. Larkin and Lacey arrested. The specific reason why he did this is what is more shocking. Sheriff Arpaio wanted the browsing history and names of people who read the online articles pertaining to the sheriff’s actions. Needless to say, this was a gross violation of the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter and Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

Mr. Larkin and Lacey went ahead and sued the sheriff for his actions. Last year they won the case and received a $3.75 Million settlement. With this money, the duo started a non-profit organization devoted to protecting people’s rights, including immigrants who are illegally detained. The foundation is called the Frontera Fund. Even though the fund was started to tackle injustices towards people in general, the main aim of the fund is to help with any civil rights abuses that Mexicans who take the perilous journey to work in the US at substandard wages, may face.

Most of these immigrants do not have the knowledge or support to defend themselves if they were to find themselves in a situation such as what Mr. Lacey and Larkin had to endure.

After all, even if two well-known journalists such as Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey can be treated that way, one can only imagine what happens to an immigrant who can barely speak English.

The Philanthropy And Career Of Entrepreneur Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is a prominent business leader in the oil and gas industry. He heads Nabors Industries as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman. He first joined the company in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer after having worked as a lawyer for several years. His leadership has led Nabors Industries into becoming one of the largest drilling contractors in the world.

Nabors Industries has land drilling operations throughout the Americas The also have drilling operations in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. In addition to oil and gas they also drill for geothermal resources. They also provide support for off-shore drillers. This includes providing drilling platform rigs as well as a marine fleet that provides a variety of services. Nabors Industries also supplies software that is used for rig reporting, data collection, drill pipe handling, and other uses.

Tony Petrello has ranked several times among the highest paid Chief Executive Officers in the nation. He was number one on that list in 2013 when he was paid $68.2 million. Since that time the company has made a number of organizational changes in order to return more money to shareholders, especially as the oil industry has been dealing with a much lower price per barrel over the last year and a half. Still, he is still highly compensated for his leadership at the company and presently earns around $20-25 million a year.

Tony and his wife, Cynthia, gave $5 million recently to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Institute which is headquartered at the Texas Children’s Hospital. He also serves on the nonprofit’s Board of Trustees. They support research into birth defects that affect the lives of people throughout their childhood and adult lives.Tony and Cynthia have a daughter named Carena. She was born with a neurological disease called periventricular leukomalacia which led to cerebral palsy. This disease has slowed her development in things like learning to walk, talk, and eat. Her passion for life and purity have led the couple to their dedication to finding treatments for cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders.

Endless Disease Prevention in Life Line Screening

Dedicated to providing people with health knowledge, Life Line Screening has helped them lead healthier and fuller lives. It has been made possible by offering affordable and reliable preventive screening. There work mainly focuses on partnering with doctors to help detect health problems early to improve the quality of life.

Besides, Life Line Screening provides community-based screening events, staffed by highly trained licensed health care experts. The screenings take pace all over the contiguous United States in community centers, senior centers, places of worship and corporations. Some of the specialties offered are; health screening, heart disease screening, carotid artery screening, abdominal aortic aneurysm screening among many others.

The ultrasound and EKG screening that they offer are affordable, comfortable and convenient. The highly trained experts use state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment for accurate results. Also, the procedure requires little or no preparation at all.

Life Line screening is no doubt the nation’s largest Screening company for associated vascular diseases in the U.S. They have screened over 8 million people, and their database has provided the basis for a score of peer-reviewed journal articles.

The Chief Medical Officer supervises a panel of a board of certified physicians who are mandated to review ultrasound equipment. CMO is also in charge of research, quality assurance and overviews the marketing for clinical correctness. Besides, he chairs a Scientific Advisory Network which consists of prominent clinical specialists and academicians around the globe.

The screening process is up to date. Dr. Mangaro of Life Line Screening says that they always try to continually offer clients with both new tests and new ways to look at preventive health. There would be a new package that for the potential sequelae of adult onset diabetes. They had also added a set of screening for patients concerned about their respiratory status.

As mentioned, their massive database provides the basis for numerous publications in the scientific literature. Because of this, they have collaborated with the University of California at San Francisco, New York University School of Medicine and Oxford University in the United Kingdom among many others. Life Line Screening has indeed provided an endless possibility for the awareness, prevention of disease and contribution to the scientific literature.


The Meaning of Beneful

In our world, filled with information, where consumers constantly receive signals, the ability to quickly derive and understand meaning can set products apart. When creating Beneful is a great example of this strategy, using a word that carries its own unique meaning, but sends very specific signals. When shoppers look at Beneful dog food, they can immediately recognize that it is something good. Why is this, and how does it work?

Beneful’s creators say the word means “full of goodness.” It is derived from the word beneficial. However, it evokes multiple other words. The connection to beneficial is obvious, but at first glance, the word also looks like “wonderful.” This relationship to two separate words while actually being neither is a master-class in marketing. Beneful is established brand that sets it apart. You know quickly that it is good, but it is unique enough that it erases any possible confusion. This establishes the pet food as unique and identifiable.

And it should be. Beneful is a great product that uses a grain-free formula to make sure that what your pet eats is “full of goodness.” It leads major pet food manufacturers, both in its excellent branding, but also in its commitment to quality and choice ingredients.

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Felipe Montoro Jens is Excited About the Partnership Between the Brazilian Government and BNDES

Sanitation services in Brazil have long been under scrutiny. Working solutions to the problem plaguing sanitation in the country have been few and far between. The citizens of Brazil have begun to lose faith and they deserve better.


Recently though the country has received a glimmer of hope. The Brazilian government has decided to take strong action regarding the issue. It announced that it has joined forces with BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development). Why is this so important? The government will generate concessions via its partnership with BNDES.


The partnership looks promising at the least. Though many residents are rightfully skeptical because of the governments many past failures to address the sanitation issue. However, the water sector is very hopeful for the initiative.


Trata Brazil President Edison Carlos has also received the initiative positively. In a recent interview he pointed out a few key features of the initiative that have the potential to improve the country’s sanitation situation in aspects concerning management, structural and resource areas. He believes if the public and private initiatives work in a complementary way instead of totally separate they can decrease the level of waste.


The initiative wants to employ customized action plans that concur with resident reports about the state of the locations they reside in.


About Felipe Montoro Jens


Felipe montoro Jens is a well respected finance professional. The field of finance includes several areas, but Felipe specializes in infrastructure. he has experience in investments as well.


he recently lended some of his expertise in infrastructure to the Brazilian government following their partnership with BNDES. He expertly pointed out the correlation between Brazilian states high waste levels and their economic wealth. He knows this issue is a serious one that needs to be resolved asap. Therefore, he understands how important the partnership is between both organizations.

Teaching Trading with Learn to Trade’s Greg Secker

Learn to Trade was born out of entrepreneur Greg Secker’s home. This company has grown immensely in the past 13 years, and it now has offices in London, Austraila, South Africa, and the Philippines. Learn to Trade is a globally recognized, leading company whose primary focus is teaching individuals and businesses how to trade on a global level. This company is part of the Knowledge in Action group that Greg Secker also founded, along with Capital Index, and FX Capital.

Early Career to Learn to Trade

Greg Secker began his career by working at Thomas Cook Financial services. He made the leap from Thomas Cook Financial to Virtual Trading Desk (VTD), this company focused on providing customers real-time quotes for trading transactions. Mr. Secker’s final move before starting Learn to Trade was Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. Learn to Trade has taught over 200,000 people trading skills with workshops and seminars since it was founded.

Learn to Trade’s Reputation for Excellence

Since being founded, Learn to Trade has been the recipient of many awards. This company has received these awards for excellence: Philanthropy

  • Best Educator in 2012 and 2013
  • Best Forex Trader Training in 2015
  • Best Forex Educators in the UK, Europe, Australasia and South Africa in 2015, 2016, and 2017
  • Ranked as #17 in Philanthropic 30 Most Caring Companies

Greg Secker is known for his various philanthropic organization and donations. Secker is best known for bringing coverage to global issues through social awareness. Nominated as a Finalist in the 2017 National CSR Awards, Mr. Secker was recognized for his role in Outstanding Leadership.

Greg Secker is committed to enriching the lives of other people and is known for his passion for giving people the right tools to enable them to succeed. He will continue to expand on his course for excellence, and we will continue to see good things from him for years to come.