Securus Technologies Has Their Customers’ Words About Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies has developed various communication platform and correctional facility management systems over the years to help administrators and correctional officers mitigate emergencies. Those platforms include enhanced surveillance tools, electronic mail scanners, advanced data capture and analytics, voice recognition, and other biometric recognition software. Securus has made the job of law enforcement much easier by providing them access to information pertaining to investigations, and connecting them to various criminal databases. Securus has received many thank you letters and testimonials describing how helpful their technology has been, and recently CEO Rick Smith decided to disclose some of those letters to let people know what others are saying about Securus.


One customer spoke about the uncovering of several drug operations going on in their facility, illegal contraband use, and even an illicit sale of prescription drugs taking place outside the facility. Another spoke about a corrupt officer who was found aiding illegal inmate activities. Others spoke about conversations uncovered regarding local shooting crimes, and even how a sheriffs department was able to recover illegal assets and drug money that they had had no success finding prior to Securus investigator tool usage. Many corrections officers and even inmates have had their lives saved by Securus’s incident response system.


Securus Technologies serves thousands of corrections facilities across the nation and has been in business for over 30 years. They hire some of the most qualified technicians to install their communication media, including several who recently received the BICSI Installer 1 certification. Securus has a kiosk system that allows inmates to purchase items, signup for online courses, and now they can file most of their paperwork electronically through the system. Families can visit their loved ones through signing up with the video visitation service which allows them to visit an inmate in the comfort of their own home using the internet and a webcam.


Wengie Hair Hacks Video

Wengie is a very popular YouTube Creator who makes a variety of videos on DIY projects as well as hair tutorials, beauty routines, and a variety of other topics. She currently has well over five million subscribers and has some of the top watched videos on YouTube. One of her most popular videos with millions and millions of views is her 10 Hair hacks video. Throughout the video Wengie shares a variety of different tips and tricks on how to get better hair with less effort.


Probably one of the best and most helpful tips that Wengie shares with her millions of viewers is how to have healthier hair through a better diet. Diets that are rich in junk food can often cause hair to be dry and lifeless. By eating foods that are filled with healthy nutrients such as fruits and vegetables as well as vitamins hair can be healthier as well as shinier.


Another great tip that Wengie shares with her viewers is how to get beautiful curls even if you do not own a curler. Wengie shows her viewers how to heat up an everyday item and wrap it around the hair for beautiful curls. Some of the other great tips Wengie shares are ways to store different hair care tools as well as ways to clean different hair care tools.


Throughout the video Wengie also shows viewers a few simple easy to do hairstyles as well as a great way to part your hair. Wengie offers a variety of other hair hacks that can not only save you time but also money and effort. With so many fun tips and tricks it is easy to see why it is one of her most viewed videos. Wengie has such a sweet and lovely personality which keeps her viewers coming back for more. It is easy to see why she is one of the top YouTube content creators not only in Australia but all across the world.

The Future of the Technology and Fashion Industries with Chris Burch

On observing both the past and present trends of the fashion and technology sectors, the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital, Burch, gives a clear outline of the expected future trends in the two industries. Both technology and fashion industries have been experiencing growth over the years. However, it is interesting to note that the two sectors grow hand in hand. Technology has largely influenced trends in the fashion industry, and the converse is true as well. For instance, currently, people prefer iPods for music needs, as they seem fashionable. This is contrary to the 70s and 90s where boom boxes and Walkman were preferred respectively.


Chris Burch spots an intermarriage between the fashion and the technology sectors where fashion designers are leveraging technology to develop functioning designs. Anouk Wipprechit is an example of a fashion designer who has used technology in her design making process to develop excellent products such as the drink-making dress. Heading to the near future, there are upcoming inventions and innovations, which will replace the current trends in both sectors. For example, nowadays we have airbags incorporated in bikes safety systems. A rider wears the airbags on the rider, and if they fall, the airbags will pop up.


The airbag technology in bikes offers more protection to riders than the conventional helmets, which does not give a rider a clear view of the surrounding environment. Additionally, in the firefighting industry, there has been a crucial invention of the firefighting frontline gloves. The gloves support symbol communication between firefighters in a scene.


Chris Burch is an active investor and a successful entrepreneur in a full spectrum of fields. With approximately 40 years of significant experience in various entrepreneurial-related sectors, Burch has been an avid contributor to the growth of several technological and luxury brands among them Voss Water, Poppin, Jawbone as well as Faena Hotel + Universe. He started venturing into entrepreneurship in the late 70s while still in college. Alongside his brother, Burch instituted Eagle’s Eye apparel, which they later sold to Swire Group.


Chris Burch is among the first investors of the Internet Capital Group. He also has interests and investments in the realty sector. Some of his real estate investments include luxury homes in New York, Palm Beach, Florida as well as Nantucket. In 2011, Chris Burch profoundly founded the C. Wonder. He later sold the firm and partnered with Ellen DeGeneres. Through his company, Burch Creative Capital, Chris has supported numerous companies such as Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, and Blink Health among others.

Wake Up Wengie

Wake up little Wengie, wake up with makeup. It is that time when Wengie introduces us to her morning rituals that create her fantastically breezy, fresh, fancy free beauty. They say that waking up is hard to do, now we know that this is true. Oversleeping, alarms failing to sound, hitting the snooze button once too often, these are the causes of the dreaded “OH MY GOODNESS I’M RUNNING LATE” syndrome. Nothing could be worse than the reflection in the mirror staring back at you with a blank face of confusion.


Creating a natural, though still glamorous style similar to that of Wengie is not complicated, nor does it take hours to accomplish. With full zest, Wengie shows her followers how to accomplish her infamous beauty, step by amazingly simple step, with tricks of the trade to help the makeup drive that extra mile in making you glow flawlessly.


Myriads of women have wondered how to apply makeup to slim their face without using as much product as a professional circus clown. There has to be a way to give the illusion of a slimmer frame without caking up the makeup, right? Don’t fret, there is, Wengie shows you how with the gusto that is typical of our rainbow hair hero. Contouring your cheek where your hair typically falls aside your face, adds a shadow effect that acquires the desired slimming.


Bashful beauties can obtain that coy blushing smile with the application of a lip tint in lieu of powder blush. According to our makeup expert Wengie, the lip tint stains to a natural glow when smoothed out, plus lasts longer than powder. Applying the right stain helps you appear as if you are a shy beauty not wearing makeup at all.


Our wonderful Wengie has a myriad of fantastic tips to help you start your morning in under 20 minutes, so you shine amazingly as if you awoke looking that way. Natural, beautiful, flawless, ala our Wengie.





White Shark Media Videos Give A Taste Of Their Services

White Shark Media has created a wide range of video posts that ensure their business is given the best publicity possible. They help create the finest websites on the Internet, and they ensure their clients see results similar to what is posted in their videos. This article explains how the company has built a video empire that may be viewed on YouTube, how they use YouTube to advertise their services and how they serve customers.


#1: What Do The Videos Show?


The video shown on YouTube are produced by White Shark to show what their staff is capable of every day. They bring about quite a lot of work that was built for their customers on a customized contract, and they share information about their staff. Anything built by the White Shark Media team will have the same high quality associated with the videos on their channel, and it is quite exciting for someone to see their own website build in the same manner.


#2: The Finest Customer Service


Customer service at White Shark Media is provided by the staff featured in the videos, and they are quite happy to help each customer find what it is they prefer to order. They may consult with someone at the company, and they will learn quite quickly that White Shark will help with any concern. Concerns about the business will include the design of their website, their marketing and every new ad they use.


#3: Higher Traffic Online


Increasing traffic to a website online is quite important, and each new site must have their traffic increased using industry techniques that are universal. There are quite a few people who prefer to change their website to increase traffic, or a business may come online with their website knowing it will perform.


#4: The Plan For Services


White Shark Media shares its videos to impress upon every customer how much work they do to help their clients. There are quite a few clients who come to the business every day with no plan for improving their company, and they receive a plan from White Shark in return.


It is quite possible for a business to ensure they are selling more every year, watching more people visit their site and hearing more comments on their services. White Shark Media becomes a partner in the production of online content, and they create a wonderful plan of action for everyone.



The Frye Festival Promote Bilingual Literacy

The Frye Festival is a festival in Canada that has artistic events for all ages and interests. It has music, authors, readings, book clubs, writing workshops, lectures, workshops, and children’s activities. It is the only bilingual international literary festival located in Atlantic Canada. The festival promotes youth literacy through many creative program

Every year the Frye Festival features the best international and Canadian authors in many different categories. These categories are graphic novels, children’s books, story tellers, poets, musicians, and playwrights. The purpose of the festival is to promote enjoyment of reading in all age groups and create an bilingual experience for participants.

This festival was developed to honor a man called Northrop Frye. He was know as a world renowned thinker and philosopher that lived in Moncton, NB, Canada. Over the years about 400 authors from all over the world have participated in the festival. Some of these authors were Margaret Atwood, Richard Ford, and Harvey Pekar.

Events are held during the day and evening in cafes, libraries, schools, restaurants, shopping malls, and bars. Every year over 15,000 men women, and children participate. The school youth program involves 10,000 children every year.

The School in Youth program is very popular and successful part of the festival. Authors meet with students in the classroom and auditoriums to read and perform their works. Learn morw about Frye Festival:

The students write and read their own work as part of the program. It is presented free of charge. Performances are writing, art, music, poetry, and songs.

Imagaination at Work is a program that displays art and writing for one week of children from K to 4th grade. Budding Writers let’s young writers share their work and represent their school. Read more: Bella Hadid and Emily Rratajkowski Models Bahamas Trip

Students in this program are in 5th to 8th grades. Cafe Underground is exciting performances of music, art, poetry, and songs for high school students. The next Frye Festival will be held in winter 2017.