Whiney Wolfe Herd Encourages Women in the Work Place

Whitney Wolfe Herd recently published a blog on the Refinery29 website titled “Whitney Wolfe Herd: How to Build a Workspace Where Women Can Thrive”. The article details the CEO of Bumble and the necessities for creating a safe place for women to work.

Whitney Wolfe revealed that when she first began the company in 2014, she recognized there was an imbalance in the dating scene caused by gender norms. She was dissatisfied with women waiting for men to make the move. To solve the problem, she created Bumble, an app which allows women to be in control. The dating app turned social network helps people create connections with potential dates, friends and even network in the business world.

Whitney Wolfe Herd believed it was important for the work culture at Bumble to match the female empowerment of the app. The company needed to reveal these values in the way they worked. She wanted to have women behind the scenes as well. Her first three employees were women still in college with little experience in the working world. The team was scrappy and willing to work hard, using grassroots marketing strategies by drawing on campus sidewalks and dressing Wolfe Herd’s dog in a bee costume. The company eventually expanded to a billion- dollar multinational company, working with more than 80 employees in five different countries. As they began to grow, the company was able to hire experienced employees to provide training for the younger team. She also discovered a discrepancy between the way men acted in the workplace. She states that the men were more likely to advocate for themselves at the beginning and earn a higher starting salary. But she wanted to encourage women to do the same and advocate for higher pay.

Isobel Asher Hamilton also published an article on Business Insider about the CEO titled “The 28-year-old CEO of Bumble Travels with a Bodyguard After Staff Details Were Posted on A Neo-Nazi Website”. The article reveals that the CEO now employees a security team and bodyguard after there was a cyber attack by a neo-Nazi website. They focused on the staff by posting their personal information like photographs and phone numbers. Wolfe Herd reveals that they came under attack because of their feminist culture.

Whitney Wolfe’s  Social Media: twitter.com/whitwolfeherd?lang=en

An Insight into Vinod Gupta CrunchBase

In particular, Vinod Gupta is a renowned entrepreneur who demonstrates a prolific commitment as well as dedication to the higher instruction. He is also the proponent of founders Vinod Gupta Foundation in 1997. It is through this foundation that Vinod advocated for advanced education to the whole society of India among other residents in the rural territories. Many have benefited from the foundation due to the sense that it has funded many educational programs across the globe. Educationally, Vinod has been accredited with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology that is situated in Kharagpuraf. Upon graduation in the year 1967, Gupta relocated to the United States to advance his studies. As such, Vinod Gupta achieved a Master’s Degree in the field of Engineering as well as Masters in Business Administration he acquired from the University of Nebraska.

In the year 1972, Vinod developed the  business research service that connects new technologies in offering in-depth analytics and information regarding clients as well as competition in the corporate world. He also served in the organization for a period of three and half decades as the CEO and the chairman of the organization where he left. Also, he went further and established the World Education Foundation. Contemporarily, Vinod Gupta owns an institution called Everest Group that places its central focus on the provision of the venture investment for numerous database technology startups and assist the struggling business organization to recuperate stability and also achieve success.


Jeff Herman Helps Heal Victims of Sexual Abuse

Jeff Herman is a nationally recognized attorney practicing at Herman Law out of Boca Raton, Florida. He specializes in handling civil law suits for victims of sexual abuse. He has helped over a thousand clients consisting of men, women and children to heal from the tragedy of sexual abuse and to slowly regain control of their lives while feeling a sense of empowerment. He has learned after many years of practice that empowerment is the first major step towards the healing of both victims and their families.

He points towards the #metoo movement as an example of collective empowerment bringing about healing for those who have been sexually abused. In addition to seeking justice for his clients, Jeff Herman shares what he has learned over the years about sexual abuse and predators with parents and educators to prevent abuse from taking place at all. He also trains those in law enforcement agencies and other groups how to properly interview children who are sexual abuse victims, as it is of the utmost importance to maintain their integrity and to not make them feel further victimized by the legal system.

Jeff credits his ability to separate facts from theory for the success he has attained in his chosen specialty. By working with his own investigative unit of former law enforcement officials, he is able to form a timeline of events and spot red flags in order to not only establish the facts but be able to document every one of them to prove the evidence.

As a father of four, Jeff Herman admits it has been a difficult specialty to practice and he even thought about giving it up at one point. However, after seeking professional help himself, he learned how to empathize with his clients but not allow those feelings to affect his professional handling of their case. Once he could separate the two he was able to continue helping his clients heal and get the justice they deserve.

Recap of article from https://ideamensch.com/jeff-herman/ on April 9, 2018

Surf Air makes private air travel affordable

Surf Air is a revolutionary new airline operating out of California, with service to the majority of the United States and some destinations in Europe. The company has done what has until this point been impossible; it has made genuine private air travel affordable to a large portion of air travelers.

Surf Air uses a brand-new and highly efficient aircraft, the Pilatus PC-12. The PC-12 is capable of attaining near-jet speeds, climbing fast to altitude and hitting top speeds of over 400 miles per hour. The PC-12 is not only able to achieve flight times similar to jets, particularly on local and regional flights, but it is also able to get astonishing fuel economy, with fuel consumption on a per-mile basis similar to a large truck. While this may not sound impressive, consider that a typical midsize business jet often gets on the order of 5 gallons per mile. This makes the PC-12 incredibly efficient and a much lower-cost alternative to business jet travel.

But even if jet-like speeds and relatively tiny costs versus other forms of private air travel sound like a great deal, consider that the Surf Air’s real selling point is the fact that total travel times are often far less than even those of private jet travel. This is due to the fact that the PC-12s takeoff and landing performance are such that it can easily fly in and out of almost all of the nearly 15,000 registered airports in the country, including grass and gravel airfields. This means that Surf Air can fly in and out of nearly 15 times the destinations of even a highly capable jet like a Lear 45. And they can fly to literally hundreds of times as many airports as commercial airlines. All of this adds up to round trips that can take as little as 10 percent of the time required by commercial air travel.

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Jonathan Dos Santos’ Sponsorship with Herbalife

In the article titled Herbalife Nutrition Signs LA Galaxy’s Jonathan Dos Santos to a Multi-Year Sports Nutrition Sponsorship, it is announced that the international nutrition company, Herbalife, will enter a sponsorship and partnership agreement with renowned soccer player, Jonathan Dos Santos. Dos Santos is a midfielder for the LA Galaxy, as well as a member of the Mexican national team.

To give some background on Herbalife, it is a thriving nutrition company that has been in existence since 1980 with a saturation in 190 countries. The products consist of supplements and shakes that people consume to not only lose weight, but to do it naturally and healthfully. The products are healthy, where each shake equates the nutritional requirement of one meal. People slim down without sacrificing the nutritional value the body needs.

In addition to promoting physical health, Herbalife is believes in promoting financial health. The international nutrition empire provides business opportunities for people that want to earn extra income or venture into the world of entrepreneurship and franchise on a full-time basis. This is ideal for people who are already consumers of the brand. They promote products and a lifestyle that they already believe in, so they can speak to Herbalife from the heart.

As an athlete, Dos Santos is a strong believer in fitness and nutrition. He is an avid user of Herbalife, making him an ideal spokesperson for the brand. The article goes into some of the products that he consumes, including the Herbalife Rebuild Strength system. He consumes it in the morning to start his day off right and also after practice, to replenish his body with both nutrition and hydration. The article also highlights Dos Santos’ very own concoction he makes with Herbalife products called Banana Sunrise. Herbalife shakes do not have to be consumed with only the shake mix and a liquid. The shake mix can pose as a base for a nutritious drink, or as an addition to a hearty shake. The key is that the consumer can utilize the products however they see fit for the lifestyle they choose.

The article ends with a quick declaration of sponsorship Herbalife has with over 190 athletes, events and sports teams on a worldwide basis. It also briefly speaks of the 8,000 employees Herbalife has, and the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and Casa Herbalife, giving quality nutritional access to children in need.

Software Programmer William Saito

William Saito comes from Japan. William’s name was on the list of top 100 most persuasive people in Japan by Nikkei. He started his software programming while he was still at the elementary school. His first company came up when William was in high school. In 1998, USA Today, NASDAQ, and Ernst & Young named William as the entrepreneur of the year. Saito was recognized as one of the top most influential people in the world in encryption, biometric authentication as well as cybersecurity. William sold his first company to Microsoft after which he moved to Tokyo in 2005. While in Tokyo, he developed another company by the name InTecur. InTecur is a firm that deals with venture capital as well as consultancy services. Moreover, the company offers insights to young entrepreneurs on how to grow in their businesses and developing universal talent. William Saito was then appointed to the council of national strategy and policy in 2012. The commission reports directly to the Prime Minister of Japan.

Several companies and institutions employ William Saito’s advice in their operations. Moreover, William has offered his help to so many social environments throughout the world such as MIC. For example, in Japan William has guided METI, MLIT, METX, and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, the Information Technology Promotion Agency and many others. William has been working as the Chief Technology Officer at the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent investigation commission since 2011. Additionally, William Saito is a foundation board member of the World Economic Forum (WEF). WEF named William as the council member to the Global Agenda and the Young Global Leader. He is currently the special advisor to the Cabinet Office, and he lectures in various universities and sits in the board of several organizations.

William Saito, an investor and venture capitalist, works at the tech revival forefront in Japan. He majorly focuses on business with enough potential that has earned him an enviable resume in young entrepreneurs and start-ups organizations. While doing his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Riverside, William came up with his first company right from his hostel room. Since that time, William has dedicated his time and resources to helping start-ups organizations to rise from the ground. According to William Saito, failure is not harmful but a significant step for organizations to succeed. Taking risks enables organizations to be more innovative. Moreover, William argues that when an idea fails, it is an opportunity to know why it failed and improve on it the next round.


Lacey and Larkin condemn Arpaio for pardon

Lacey and Larkin are journalists who have spent their lifetime looking at the crimes which were committed by various personalities in the government. One of the officials they paid close concentration to is Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County.

The sheriff is one of the people who hated immigrants. He was a racist who felt that some people did not deserve to live in the country. He was concerned that there was a high number of people who were not originally from the country who were in his country. The highest population of immigrants were Latinos.

Joe Arpaio used the powers he had as the sheriff of Maricopa County to exercise laws which were non-existence. With the support of the conservatives who supported his activities, he committed various acts which were illegal and unconstitutional.

According to the constitution of the United States, he was supposed to ensure that every human being in the county was accorded the rights they deserved. The human rights dictate that every human being should be treated in the same manner. There is no superior race 0pf color based on the origin.

All human beings are equal and should be treated in the same way this, however, is not something that Joe Arpaio concerned himself about. To him, none of these laws was making sense to him.

To him, the most important thing was that immigrants were not in his county. The best things he did was to ensure that everything was for immigrants to be evicted from his county.

Joe Arpaio was exposed by Lacey and Larkin for the crimes he was committing against the immigrants. They were concerned that no one was caring about the plight of the immigrants in the county despite it being very clear that the sheriff was discriminating the people. Lacey and Larkin were concerned that nothing was being done to stop the sheriff from his rogue behaviors. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Not even the courts would stop the sheriff. He would be given court orders to stop harassing the immigrants, but none of it would happen. He did not care about the court orders too, everything according to him was being done in the manner he wanted.

The contempt of court orders, however, came to haunt him after he left the position of the Sheriff. He was taken to court again and this time prosecuted with contempt of court.

He was found guilty and was to be sentenced. The sentencing did not, however, happen as President Trump stepped in to save the day for the former sheriff. He recommended that Arpaio is pardoned. Trump did not see anything wrong with the actions of the sheriff. He supported the actions of the sheriff. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://michael-lacey.com/ and http://frontpageconfidential.com/michael-lacey-jim-larkin-arpaio-frontera-fund-first-amendment/

The two had supported each other during the birther movement which was initiated by Trump and supported by a majority of the conservatives Arpaio included. Joe Arpaio was a key campaigner of the movement. He supported the sentiments of Trump and made sure that even the former president Trump was forced to show his birth certificate.

PSI Pay Debunks Misinformation About Bitcoin And Electronic Money

Bitcoin and E-money may have similarities on the surface but they are really two different beasts. Since it’s launch in 2009, Bitcoin is a finite store of wealth that emulates the same scarcity as gold. This has enabled people to make online payments with a middleman and it is currently receiving the most amount of media attention in comparison to other currencies.


On the other hand, E-money from PSI Pay is a system of electronic payments that are not based on blockchain technology. It is often confused to be in the same league as Bitcoin, but as PSI-Pay explains, it is not entirely the case.


Think of E-money being backed by the USD and other traditional currencies. These currencies are regulated by central banks, governments, and international trade agreements. An electronic money system will simply be a means to transfer money digitally across the globe without losing its inherent value or legal status.


When people want to trade Bitcoin, they will often trade their fiat money through a broker or exchange in order to get it into their account. It is not uncommon for these transactions to be borderline illegal in some places and it is not protected by any regulatory agencies.


Since there is no central authority over Bitcoin, the future and stability of the currency are very hard to predict. It may be possible that trading will be banned in most countries due to its potential for money laundering. At the moment, it has an imbalanced public trust and most governments consider it to be an asset rather than a real currency. Because of this, banks are not willing to store Bitcoin or be heavily involved with Bitcoin businesses.


With E-money wallets, it is easy to link credit cards and bank accounts to make transactions. Transfers are often less of a hassle, lower in fees and are made much more quickly than a blockchain transaction. Because of this, electronic money from PSI Pay has a bigger presence on the internet.


More About PSI Pay


PSI Pay is the company behind the ecoPayz system, which is a digital wallet for global money transactions. The company is authorized under the FCA so that companies will have legal protection and oversight with their digital wallets. They also issue debit cards for added convenience.


Since 2015, the company has been reporting increased customer growth and record profits. In just 2015 alone, revenue was up by 45% from the previous year.

Ryan Seacrest: Redefining the Entertainment Industry

A household name in the entertainment industry, Ryan Seacrest has contributed immensely towards improving and redefining entertainment. Ryan is a producer, television host, radio personality, and a fashion icon. He is famous for his role as the host of American Idol, a show that he joined in 2002 when Fox was broadcasting it. He is solely credited for increasing viewership of the American Idol, an act that made him renew his contract severally. He hosted the show until 2016. In 2017, ABC won rights to broadcast the show and invited Ryan as the new host. He announced the news on July 2017 on the radio show ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan.’

Ryan Seacrest has a successful radio career as well; he joined radio in 2004 as a new host of the radio program ‘American top 40.’ Casey Kasem previously hosted the show that was syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks. Ryan went ahead to become the host of KIIS morning show in the same year. Later, he became the host of ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ which broadcasts at ABC studios in New York. On May 2017, Ryan joined Kelly Ripa as a co-host of the show “Live with Kelly and Ryan.’

Concerning fashion, Ryan Seacrest has his collection called Ryan Seacrest Distinction that specializes in suit separates, evening wear, and sports coats which are manufactured by Peerless Clothing International. The brand also includes accessories like ties, cufflinks, belts, pocket squares, and jewelry. Ryan partners with various designers including Christopher Bailey to manufacture his products. Ryan Seacrest Distinction was launched in 2014. In addition to Ryan Seacrest Distinction, Ryan has a men’s skincare line called Polished. It was produced in partnership with Harold Lancer, and he announced it in April 2017.

Ryan Seacrest’s philanthropy cannot go unmentioned as it has been a significant part of his brand. In 2010, he founded Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is a non-profit organization. The foundation has nine centers and has partnered with various organizations and individuals to advance its goals. Ryan (@ryanseacrest) continues impacting the entertainment and fashion industry outstandingly.

Here’s an article from the New York Times detailing Ryan’s work out routing: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/12/fashion/mens-style/ryan-seacrest-works-out.html

Jeunesse; A Worldwide Youth Generation Company

Jeunesse company was formed on 9th September 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. They had worked in other companies and after retirement decided to focus their effort on coming up with a youth enhancement company. Today, Randy is the Chief executive officer and Wendy the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Their mission was to help change people’s lives and making their company a global brand and a household name. Their main agenda was to make people feel and at the same time inspire and empower youths to help them unleash their potential. The company developed a unique concept of selling their products to help share innovative products with their clients and provide training and customer support.


The company has a wide range of youth enhancement products. Their products are unique and incomparable with any product in the market. Jeunesse sells its products through a collection named Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S). This collection has nine products in its line performing different functions. As briefly discussed below each product has unique properties.


Luminesce is a product used to rejuvenate the skin. It is an anti-aging skin care line which aids reduce wrinkles and give radiance. With a mission to help its client keep youthful faces this product comes in handy in restoring youthful vitality.


Reserve is a product developed to prevent free radical damage. The company developed this product by mixing superfruits. This combination has a lot of antioxidants to defend the body and stop the damage.


Instantly Ageless is a product that helps to hide wrinkles, pores fine lines and under-eye bags.AM Essentials was developed for mood improvement, energizing the body and to slow premature aging.


FINITI is a Jeunesse company product which is combined with fruits and vegetables. These ingredients are blended together to make an advanced supplement for body restoration.


PM Essentials is a product used to give rest while sleeping and restore the body. ZEN BODI, on the other hand, helps reduce appetite and eliminate excess fat in the body. Nevo product is used to energize the body.it contains fresh fruits with energy.


NV product was developed to keep the skin nourished and admirable. It was enhanced with APT-200 for this purpose. M1ND supplement is another product developed by the company to enhance memory and improve concentration.